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Default Re: The Bulls have a FUTURE! No Kobe Needed!

I'm guessing Paxson DEFINITELY signs Deng before the season starts. He knows Deng will probably be an all-star and improve his numbers annually like he is so accustomed to doing. Therefore he will offer something generous, enough for Deng not to be able to say no. Deng's contract value could be extremely high next summer if it's not done now. Paxson knows this obviously.

BG.... I just don't know what is gonna happen. Pax will also make a good offer, but I don't think BG will like his price tag as much as Deng might. If BG doesn't take the money Pax offers it could go either way for him. I think BG is going to have increased minutes and therefore increased scoring, moving him into the upper tier of scorers in the league East or West.

Bottomline.... Pax will do what is right LIKE always. It's nice when as a fan who lives and dies with his team doesn't ever have to worry about the GM messing things up. Pax better get Exec. of the year. This may just be the year if the Bulls can grab the 1 seed. Skiles Coach of the year as well????

I know that sounds to good to be true, but if the Bulls perform like some of us think they will then they are both top canidates for those respected awards.
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Default Re: The Bulls have a FUTURE! No Kobe Needed!

Originally Posted by Bulls_Fan20
Even a trade like that would make me think twice. Wallace is the leader of the frontcourt. Everybody knows that we lack low-post offense, but if Big Ben gets traded, then we have no low-post defense either. Not a great thing for a team that prides itself on defense. Who would we plug in at center...Noah? Gray? Neither of them are ready to play starters minutes in the NBA and guard the opposing team's best big man.

Additionally, they would not develop well at all without Wallace there to mentor them. I honestly can't think of a better current player to teach young guys the fundamentals of low-post defense...maybe Duncan or KG. After this season, Wallace has two years left on his contract. I'm guessing he will play for us in 2009 and get traded during the 2010 season because that $15 million(?) expiring contract will intrigue many teams. That is when we will get an offensive big man (if we don't have one by then).

I think that the best course of action is to resign Deng and sign-and-trade Gordon. The only problem is that I can't think of anyone in the league that the Bulls could make a fair trade for. That having been said, I would definitely be OK with Gordon staying on for another 4-5 years.

Thought this would be an interesting bump.
It is funny that I don't really see many of these people posting on here lately.

They must have their heads in the sand.
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