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Default Re: Wilt With 41 45-15 Games...

Originally Posted by AintNoSunshine
Only thing it speaks to is the joke that his competition is.

And again...HOF Centers...

Against HOF Centers...

Clyde Lovellette 1

Nate Thurmond 1

Willis Reed 3 (and 2 more of 40+)

Zelmo Beaty 6 ( and 3 more of 40+)

Bill Russell 13 (and 11 more of 40+)

Walt Bellamy 17 (and 4 more of 40+)


Lovellette 1

Reed 2

Zelmo 4

Russell 5

Bellamy 15


Russell 1

Zelmo 1

Bellamy 3


Bellamy (73-36)

Back-to-back Games of 62-28 vs Russell, and 73-36 against Bellamy

Kareem faced Bellamy in 24 career H2H's... ZERO 45-15 games against him. In fact, his HIGH point game against Bells was 40. His next two highest were 39, and 35 points.

Including the post-season, KAJ faced Reed in 21 career H2H's. Again...ZERO 45-15 games against him. In fact, his two high point games were 41, and 40.

Kareem faced Beaty in two games. Scored 30 and 22, and on a combined .440 FG%.

Kareem faced a full-time Thurmond in 34 career H2H's. High point game of 34 points, and a total of five of 30+, and on a combined .447 FG%. Wilt not only had that 45-13 beatdown of Nate, he also had a 38-15 beating, and in a span of 11 H2H's, he had SIX of 30+. Overall, including the post-season, Chamberlain shot .540 against Nate (and held him to .380.)

Let's continue this shall we?

Including the playoffs, Chamberlain had 21 games of 40+ against Connie Dierking. And 18 of those were with 20+ rebounds. And how about games of 41-40, 45-34, 48-37, 42-39, 44-45, 59-13, 63-32, 58-25, 60-21, with playoff games of 53-22, and 41-22. Oh, and in the season before Kareem arrived into the NBA, that 60-21 game,..and in Kareem's rookie season, a 43-21 game.

How about Kareem against Dierking? In 10 career H2H's...a high of 41, and then 35. BTW, Dierking has one game against KAJ in which he outscored him 25-13.

Then there was Jim Fox. First of all, Fox was fortunate enough to have not faced a "scoring" Wilt. 38 career H2H's...Chamberlain had one game of 66 points, on 29-35 shooting against Fox. That game came the year before Kareem entered the league. As a side-note, the very next year...and in the game in which Chamberlain shredded his knee, Wilt had scored 33 points, on 13-14 shooting, and in only 28 minutes.

How about Kareem vs Fox? The two met in 37 games, and KAJ's had two games of 40.

Oh, we can't forget Darrall Imhoff, either. In 76 games...and no H2H's in the post-season (and you are about to see why that would have been important)...24 games of 40+. And 15 games of 50+. And 3 of 60+. With a high game of 100. Granted, Imhoff only played in about half of that 100 point game, and he was a backup in some of those other games. BUT, we do know that he was very proud of his next game, following the 100 point game, in which he played almost the entire game, and when he left the floor with about a minute remaining, he received a standing ovation. He had "held" Chamberlain to 58 points. In his '68 season, Wilt hung a 54-32-14 game, on 24-29 shooting, against Imhoff. Imhoff's stat-line...10-17-1, and on 5-17 shooting.

Ok, how about KAJ vs Imhoff? Counting the playoffs...16 H2H's. To Kareem's credit, his high point game in those 16 came in the playoffs... 46 points. He had also had three more games of 36.

In any case, one can only wonder what a prime Chamberlain would have carpet-bombed Imhoff with, had he been fortunate enough to have battled him in the post-season.

Again, Wilt was not in "scoring" prime when he met Fox. Kareem was at his peak when he facing Fox. The rest... Reed, Beaty, Thurmond, Belllamy, Dierking, and Imhoff...faced BOTH a prime Wilt, and a prime Kareem.

Keep in mind that a 38-39 year old Kareem had a string of 10 straight H2H's with Hakeem, in which he averaged 32 ppg on a .630 FG%. Included were games of 40, 43, and 46 points. Then think about this... a peak Shaq's high game against a fading Hakeem was 37 points.

Just some food for thought regarding "competition."

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Default Re: Wilt With 41 45-15 Games...

As for AD's back-to-back 45-15 games...

Wilt had two separate streaks of 7, as well as several of 5 in a row. He missed a nine game streak by one rebound (a 73-14 game ruined it.)

His most famous streak was probably a five game streak of 67-21, 65-23, 61-28, 100-25, and 58-35... in which he averaged 70.2 ppg, and 26.4 rpg.

We also know that Wilt had 271 40+ point games. And I suspect probably around 200+ of those with 15+ rebounds (more than likely 20+.) He also had 13 playoff games of 40+, and 12 of them were 20+ rebounds (he had a 50-15 game.)
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