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The Afrocentric Asian
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Default Re: This is why people hate rap

Originally Posted by Dasher
blasian dissapoints me with this thread. I won't explain why because I doubt he would even get it.

Check your PM box
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The Afrocentric Asian
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Default Re: This is why people hate rap

Originally Posted by Spudjjay
ISH's resident uncle tom strikes again.

That's how you feel huh? That's sad.

I wrote a message that completely destroyed you, but I deleted it out of sympathy
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Default Re: This is why people hate rap

First I'm going to start with, rappers are not as rich as people think and deffinitly not as rich as they let off unless you're talking about the veterans and rappers who branch off and start clothing lines, talk shows, radio stations, successful labels, and so on.

Rappers on major labels get their advance but with that advance they have to pay for their own production, mixing and music videos and keep what is left over while the label will pay for the promotions. This is why you see music video quality going down the drain as well as a lot of rappers starting to produce on their own like Eminem and Fat Joe.

Rappers on Koch and most other independant labels get a smaller advance and have to pay for everything including promotion which is why you see guys like Sheek Louch have very little promotion. The quirk about being on an indie label is that you get a much bigger share of the profit of your album.

If I remember right, most major labels only give a 7% cut of each album sold to their artists while indie rappers make 13%.

So when Rick Ross said he made a million dollars off his signing with Slip N' Slide, that could be true but his advance was probably $2 million. Remember Slip N' Slide is an indie label and remember Ross only had one music video, no promotion unless he was PAID to arrive on 106th & Park or a bonus from winning awards. Port of Miami is a good album so just imagine how much of his advance he spent on it if he ended up with on $1 million after it was all said and done. After the ringtones, awards, guest appearances and possible bonuses?

Also, top 10 video countdown shows are frauds. They don't play the songs that are the top right now, they play the songs that the rappers or labels are paying them to play because it is promotion.

Now with all that said, how did these two morons get $100,000? There are a number of ways. The most obvious is that it was fake money. The same fake money that almost every rapper uses in their music videos.
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