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Default Re: chuck hayes potential

A lot of people do underestimate him but I doubt he's going to get any better on offense. As far as defense he does a lot of little things that we don't always see. When someone is shooting a shot he'll slap the ball before they shoot, or he'll see the pass before the ball gets to the player, or he'll take a charge. All those things he does helps us out a lot. Thats one advantage he has at being 6'6 and another advantage he has is strength. There aren't too many players who can back down and go around Hayes easily.
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Default Re: chuck hayes potential

Originally Posted by ballinforkeeps
call me a homer, i am on this guy. i love him, specially after last season. 2 seasons ago he always got in foul trouble, then the next season he stopped that completely, literally. how many undrafted role players can get rid of a flaw in one offseason? remember hes in the west, guardin west bigs, and still improved his fouling. thats not easy at all.

he already can play good defense (1.1 spg in 19mpg, playing power forward), rebounding is always there. not only is his rebounding there, but whenever he plays more minutes he delivers (almost 10rpg at 27mpg+). why wouldnt he be able to improve more when hes only 25? hes a better player now so he can improve more this offseason than last.

he has a few things he can work on...get some shot blocking if he can w/o fouling out, develop a jumper to give yao space, devolop any kind of of offensive game, 3pters? i dunno, but i do think he is gonna add somethin to his game next season. he knows he has to keep gettin better if he wants to stay on this team when we have harris, green, novak, scola, dorsey, and landry. thats a lotta pple to share the 3/4/5 sports.

cmon hayes, start blockin shots and shootin 3pters
. green and brooks would like than 3/4 years down the road.

yall remember how hayes stopped fouling last season? he improved a lot on his defense, but i wonder wat hes gonna improve on this offseason, or add to his game. maybe shot blocking??? if he can do that at 6'6 and not foul out we prolly have another role player keeper :) . he can also steal (avg 1.1 in 19mpg more than tmac at 1.0)

not sayin he will start blockin shots, but im expectin somethin. it took him one offseason to improve his fouling. hes a better player now so he can improve even more than he did last season

Ya, c'mon hayes, start blocking shots and making THREE POINT SHOTS! HAHAHAHAHA, this is a nice introduction thread for a newbie.

but yes, hayes is under appreciated. his defense is probably top 50 in the nba. if he was 6'8 then i think hed be able to block shots off of help defense. he should add some kind of offense to his game, a short jumper is good, but o well, hes good enough.
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