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Default Dream Team 4 Championship Thread

Dream Team 4 Wins Championship!

What a season! Finally over. And no surprise who is the champion...said it every single day, was doubted every single day, hated every day, but in the end I won the championship. Everyone was rooting against me, but it's hard to stop such greatness. I really had an amazing team, in my opinion the Greatest Premier League Team of All-Time.

So what made this team so great and difficult to beat?

Could start many places, but lets start with LeBron James. Pair his all-around game with high FG/Reb/Blk monsters Dwight/Drummond/DeAndre (3D). And you got a strong core right there in some categories locked up. But then you add the greatest PG duo in premier league history, Chris Paul & Russell Westbrook. 2 guys locked for 1st round every year. They compliment Jame's good scoring and passing with their own good scoring and elite passing. All players strong defenders too. Now you see why this team is great. Let's add on top Draymond Green. Another guy who is all-around and just contributes everywhere scoring passing defense rebounding. So what are we really missing anyways? How about some 3pt shooting? JJ Redick, Kyle Korver, Mirotic, Covington, some of the best 3pt guys in the game to compliment this team.

You know, you put all that together, and you can see why it's going to be super difficult to beat this team. Well, no one was able to beat it when it mattered. And no one even put up the average stats this year to beat this team. While it's clear this team was the best this year, the debate for where it ranks all-time is still open.

Let's take a closer look at this team and its roster:

Dream Team 4

PG: Chris Paul

20-4-9 2.1spg 1.7threes 90%FT

My 1st round pick. Pick #6 of the draft. No regrets at all. He lived up to the expectations , absolutely loved what he did. He was a strong scorer and super-elite passer. He could shoot, played great defense and was also very efficient overall. He's a true fantasy superstar, contributed in so many things, and I would not hesitate again to take CP3 in the 1st round. The commander of this team.

SG: JJ Redick

17ppg-1tpg 2.7threes 48%FG/89%FT

So nice having him on my team. Nothing like the CP3 to JJ for 3 combo I was able to witness all season long. He was one of the top 3 point shooters in the league this year, brought strong scoring along with it, and was really efficient shooting. For a player that hits 2.7 threes a game, 48% is amazing and fit my team well.

G: Russell Westbrook

24ppg-8rpg-11apg 1.3threes 2.1spg

Oh boy. What can I say about Westbrook. You know I have a strong team, lots of amazing superstars and 1st round talents. But for Westbrook I'll simply say, he was my best player. No comment should hold higher than that. He was a triple-double machine, can't explain how amazing it was to have a PG who dishes 11 assists then also grabs 8 rebounds a game. He's had near 20 rebound games. 10 is never a surprise. Just amazing. And the he is an amazing scorer, one of the best defenders at PG and could hit the 3s. Many didn't think so, but I think this team was built wonderfully around Westbrook, didn't care much about TOs and its ok if you miss FTs. This team was for Westbrook and I'm glad I acquired him.

SF: LeBron James

25ppg-8rpg-7apg 1.4spg 0.6bpg 1.1threes 51%FG

The King. What can I say about the King. I acquired him pretty early in the season, and built a team perfect for LeBron. High FG, high assists, careless TO, and just all-around domination which is what LeBron James does. He is a fantasy superstar, always has been drafted in the upper half of the 1st round, and this really was the King's team. If there is 1 player this team most matched the skillset it was LeBron James. Yes he rested a bit, but he came through with a dominant performance in the final day of the Finals to help clinch the championship. The KING gets a RING.

PF: Dwight Howard

14ppg-12rpg 1.6bpg 1.0spg 62%FG

My man Dwight Howard. 1st member of the 3D. He has had his ups and down all season, but overall, Dwight Howard was a beast. His skill set also perfectly complimented my team's. He basically was dominant at what we needed Dwight to be dominant at. He was also one of the members of my team last year, so I was happy to get him back and ultimately win a championship with him this year.

F: Draymond Green

14ppg-10rpg-7apg 1.5spg 1.4bpg 1.2threes 49%FG

If I have a 'favorite' player on this team, Draymond Green definitely a strong consideration. Absolutely love this guy. He was the one player I worked SO hard to get onto my team. I ultimately did get him, just like a few hours before the deadline. And was totally ecstatic. I had him last year too, loved what he brought to the table, and this year he was even better. So dominant in the playoffs as well. I love this team, and it's because of players like Draymond Green.

C: Andre Drummond

17ppg-15rpg 1.5spg 1.4bpg 53%FG

Andre Drummond. Only player I drafted last year and this year. I guess that's shows how much I like him. Perfect fit for my built, and this guy is an absolute monster. I traded him away at 1 point in the season, but I knew I would get him back. Ultimately I did get him back. He's one of those players I watch a lot and wish to own him every year. He makes such an impact H2H. Another big reason I love this team, I had Andre Drummond.

C: DeAndre Jordan

13ppg-14rpg 2.3bpg 70%FG

Speaking of monsters. This man is truly a monster. You know, many (idiots) made fun of the trade I made when I acquired DeAndre. Here is a telling stat, I was 11-16 in the bigman categories (FG/Reb/BLK) before I got Jordan. Afterwards? I was 29-7. I went from below average, to the best in the league in 3 categories. He is so good H2H I can't even begin to praise. I didn't draft him this year but I knew I had to own him. Eventually did. Glad I got a championship with Jordan after last year nothing to show.

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Default Re: Dream Team 4 Championship Thread


Robert Covington - Joined only for playoffs. Perfect fit to team with Top 5 3pt shooting ability, good rebounding, and very strong defense.

Marcus Smart- Part of team all season. Was part of team last year too so really like him. He is a solid 3pt shooter with elite defense and some assists. I like guys like this.

Kyle Korver- Part of team but forced to cut during playoffs for managing reasons. One of my favorite players. Another guy coming off the bench to extend the 3s. Solid efficiency and defense on top of that. Glad I got him.

Nikola Mirotic- Part of team but forced to cut during playoffs for managing reasons. But been my player, drafted him, traded for him, and he contributed in the playoffs for me. Inconsistent but still like the guy.

Tony Allen- Many games played on team, key playoffs contributor. Just another guy who plays excellent defense to make sure we handle business there. Good team fit too with high FG low FT.

Jared Bayless- Another big contributer throughout much of the season. Unfotunately had to cut because of injuries, but great 3pt shooter and some ast/stl.

Amir Johnson- Key finals contributor. I if I mad a good move in finals week, it was getting Aamir.

IR: Michael Carter-Williams- Was part of team before season ending injury. Missed him in playoffs, he was yet another good assist option along with yet another strong defender (1.5spg 0.8bpg). Fit my team really well. Unfortunate injury.
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Default Re: Dream Team 4 Championship Thread

Good looking squad. I can only do so much blocking, you are persistent. I blame myself for letting G-Train trade you Drummond back, and I blame the idiot who gave u Westy via Harden VIA Beal and George Hill. Still, trades are part of what it takes and I don't think it can be argued that you are the best at convincing people to take stupid deals.

Very nice squad.
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Default Re: Dream Team 4 Championship Thread

Man, just looking at that team, I can't do that again. Just too many of "my" players that I love all together on 1 team. Way too many of my favorites. It was an incredible how I did that. And I don't think I can have that much fun winning again.

Strongly considering calling it done after this. Just love what I had too much, and would just like that to be my end. That to be my team. Immortalizing it. And just retiring as a champion.

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Default Re: Dream Team 4 Championship Thread

Congrats on a good season!
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Default Re: Dream Team 4 Championship Thread

wow wow wow goat team from the goat manager
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Default Re: Dream Team 4 Championship Thread

Thank you thank you
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Default Re: Dream Team 4 Championship Thread

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