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Lamar Doom
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Default October 18th, 2008. Fantasy Draft Day ( pay leagues)

1. yes, i know how far away mid-october is

2. so for the last few years we've had draft day on one of the middle saturdays of october and done a few leagues, gold leagues are 30 bucks and pay 150 to the winner, platinum leagues are 100 bucks and pay 600+ to the winner, diamond leagues are 250 and pay 1600 to the winner (i'm not 100% on those numbers, also teams are cheaper once you've bought the first one). I'm thinking next year will be a diamond and two golds or a plat and two golds. Gold league #1 is the morning draft, lets you see where people are getting picked, warm up style, the plat or diamond league is the middle draft, 4PM EST usually, the big one, the expensive leagues obviously are the most competitive, nobody's dropping 250 on a fantasy team that doesn't think they can win. you don't get guys who quit three weeks in or stop setting their lineup at christmas. I pretty much stopped playing free fantasy for these reasons. The final league of draft day is the second gold team, by this time you should be well lit (oh did i not mention the whole day consists of drinking and pot?) up and you get the oppurtunity to make some different choices, guys you never get, guys you wanted but didn't get in the other leagues, etc. Almost a silly lineup except that you're still trying to win, you're just dealing yourself a very different hand. It's a whole day of binging on bad **** and fantasy drafting, good times.

3. cbs has a unique format. their layout and interface is the best, hands down, the home page is totally customizable for where you want all the info sections, colors, etc. you can make news stories on the front page with pictures, always adds something to a league when the managers have creative input. the scoring system doesn't appeal to a lot of 8-cat or roto purists but i've grown to love it and it's really the only one i playanymore. (i can't stand caring about free throw percentage and i don't understand why 3 pointers are a category since you've already been rewarded with 3 points, also i think turnovers should be a factor) basically you start 10 guys a week, at least 1 center, 4 forwards, and 4 guards, with a utility spot. the positions are hardlocked for the season, nobody has dual eligibility, it can make center drafting tricky and they make mistakes like this year having paul pierce a guard and not a forward. the scoring is totalled, so you don't end up with gerald wallace being worth more than kobe because he had 5 steals and 3 blocks. totalled and averaged, so if a guy goes for 40 fantasy points one night and 50 the next his weekly score is 45. this is nice so you don't have to worry about how many games a guy has each week. DNPs do not affect the weekly average, which is a little odd but becomes a fun xfactor.

anyways it's a long ways off, but i wanted to plant the seed. if you have any questions on how the cbs leagues work or know that you want to play post below. 12 team leagues, 13 man roster (10 active/3 bench). i don't mind playing with complete strangers but i thought it would be cool to at least have some of the strangers be from this board, the guy i've been playing with for years won't be able to play next year so I thought I'd recruit.
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Default Re: October 18th, 2008. Fantasy Draft Day ( pay leagues)

Sounds like it sucks. . . so if I have Kobe and he plays 2 games, one game he puts up 35, the other game he puts up 15, his avg is 25. . so then if my opponent has Jr smith off waivers playing 1 game and putting up 30 pts, JR smith just won that cat between them? . . . Sounds like a stupid concept just to make it more about luck and randomness. .

Do they have any money leagues at cbs where its standard head2head rules, and with 9 categories? I've never even heard of a money league without free throw percentage but all that means is Lebron is easily the #1, and if you can get him and Dwight Howard you win it all for sure. . kind of lame in my opinion but oh well.

If they had a normal set-up too I would definently be interested.
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