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big baller
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Default Re: GOAT list of cannibalism.

Originally Posted by Randy
Man, I have a boner now.

well......thank you for sharing?
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finger lickin' good!
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Default Re: GOAT list of cannibalism.

Not entirely sure how to proceed with eating a person, Sagawa decided to start with the rear-end (which is only sensible). He grabbed a sturdy knife from the kitchen and proceeded to cut into the dead girl's flesh."Suddenly a lot of sallow fat oozes from the wound. It reminds me of Indian corn. It continues to ooze. It is strange. Finally I find the red meat under the sallow fat. I scoop it out and put it in my mouth. I chew. It has no smell and no taste. It melts in my mouth like a perfect piece of tuna. I look in her eyes and say: 'You are delicious.' "

Sagawa spent the remainder of the evening cutting off portions of Hartvelt's body and cooking them, trying various parts of the body to see how they tasted. He roasted her hip and ate it at his dinner table with salt and mustard, using her underwear for a napkin, declaring it "...a very high quality meat.". He baked one of her breasts in the oven, but wasn't too thrilled, saying it was too greasy. He proceeded to photograph her remains and have sexual intercourse with the body, eventually falling asleep. The next day, he continued his feast, trying out various other parts of her anatomy, eventually saving the parts he liked and putting them in the fridge. After rendering Renee Hartevelt into a butcher shop's window display, he placed her various body parts in a series of suitcases. Two days later, witnesses saw an asian man dumping two large suitcases in a Paris park. The police were called, and upon opening the suitcases, they found the decaying remains of Renee Hartevelt. The suitcases were eventually traced to Sagawa, and the authorities obtained a search warrant for his apartment. Upon entering his flat, the police found Hartevelt's lips, her left breast, and both buttocks in the refrigerator. Sagawa was promptly arrested for the murder of Renee Hartevelt.

disgusting as f*ck
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NBA sixth man of the year
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Default Re: GOAT list of cannibalism.

Originally Posted by Rockets(T-mac)
Ok.... the man killed a women, ate her then had sex with the corpse, which he had already cut up . And he is said to be mentally ill, gets deported to Japan. He then is goes to jail for a brief time, gets out and all of a sudden has star statues..... Jesus

It's not even funny. The Japanese are ****ed up sometimes when it comes to some of these things. He's regarded as a star in Japan by some, and women actually approach him because he's "famous". It never occurred to them that he might eat them? If that guy came close to me, I'd shoot him.
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Default Re: GOAT list of cannibalism.

Sagawa also write restaurant reviews.
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