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Old 02-25-2014, 08:02 PM   #16
Clutch City
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

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Default Re: This has to stop.....

Originally Posted by kobebeangoat
People comparing LeBran to Kobe. Unlike LeBran, Kobe makes the players around him better. Who was Pau Gasol and Shaq without Kobe? That's right, NO ONE. Meanwhile LeShortCut has to team up with Wade and Bosh while in his PRIME. Kobe has never had good supporting casts, while LeBran has always had at least 1 good player to bail him out. Reading on here the people that say LeBran is better is an absolute joke and makes me want to puke. Maybe if you nut huggers could be more like Jabbar and realize you ware watching the GOAT you could be a little more appreciative. Unlike LeBran, Kobe gets his points the legit way and is a threat to score from any spot on the court. He doesn't need to flop.

LeBran has had the help of the refs for his 2 rings. Not to mention Ray Allen bailing him out, which isn't anything new for him. Kobe on the other hand had to carry his teams to 5 rings. If people were not so biased towards him, he would have 5 Finals MVP's and 4 Regular Season MVP's.

People that vote for that stuff were afraid he would pass Jordan, which he already has done for title of GOAT. LeBran is MAYBE a top 15 all time player and that is pushing it. There is no way in hell LeBran stays in to shoot free throws if he tears a muscle. The beta had to come out of the game with a broken nose for crying out loud. Kobe would have stayed in and put up another 20 points after that easily. LeBran will NEVER put up a 60 point game, let alone 81 points like the GOAT. If Kobe was not so generous with the ball, we would be looking at a player that averages 40 points per game every season.

Watching LeBran shoot the ball is like watching 2 midgets ****. Watching Kobe shoot is like watching heaven, plus he actually plays defense and tries to be a team player unlike LeBran. But make no mistake, at the end of a quarter, if a full court shot needs to be shot, Kobe will shoot the thing. LeBran would rather pass it off to one of his roll players that bail him out in the playoffs because it will hurt his precious field goal percentage. He would rather put up a triple double than win the game because he is selfish unlike Kobe. I have honestly puked before hearing these announcers treat LeBran like he is some kind of basketball God. When in reality if the refs decided to call charges and travels he would average 10 points per game.

Kobe can back up his trash talk unlike any player in the history of the game. Says he will put up 50? Puts up 50. Says he will get 15 assists? Gets 15 assists.
Meanwhile you constantly hear LeBran saying "I will put up 50", "I will get 20 assists". The beta cannot back up his talk. He won't even do the dunk contest because he is so afraid to lose. Kobe is never afraid. He has it drilled in his head that he is the man on the court every time he steps out there.

LeBran thinks hitting some 3 pointers and sick dunks in warm ups translate into the game. They never do for him. He is 6 foot 8 250 pounds and he is afraid to dunk on people, Tiago Splitter of all people. No one is impressed by him dunking on Jason Terry. Kobe dunked on Dwight like a real man because he is not afraid to miss the dunk. I mean does anyone consider his rings legit? Lockout and roll players.

He sabotaged the 2011 Finals just so Wade would not get Finals MVP. Then he goes out and gets shut down by Shawn Merriman of all people. He is the single reason that a previously known choker in Dirk got the Finals MVP. Hell, Dirk should be rated higher than LeBran on all time lists because he actually carried a team and didn't need role players to bail him out. Look at Kobe in the playoffs. He elevates he and his teammates game, unlike LeBran who is in it for is own personal accolades. We all know it means more to LeBran that he has 4 MVP's on his mantle than anything in the world. Meanwhile Kobe has the 5 rings plus numerous other awards that trump LeBran's any day of the week.

There should be no comparison between these two. LeBran belongs with the Scottie Pippins, Shaq's and Kevin Durant's of the basketball world. A true alpha like Kobe should be at the number one spot ahead of Jordan, Kareem, Magic, Bird, Wilt, and Russell.

Most LeBran stans like to point to last seasons All Star Game that Kobe "tries to hard". Unlike LeBran, Kobe gives his 100% every single second he is on the court. There is no "coasting" like LeBran does. I can only imagine if Kobe had LeBran's team. He would average 40 PPG, 15 assists per game and around 10 rebounds a game. It's absolutely sickening when people say Kobe has had good teams. Without him all those Laker teams win 40 games MAX which gets you a 9th seed at best in the west.

People forget Kobe came in the league when there were actually more than 3-5 "stars". He had to play against Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, Steve Nash, David Robinson, Tim Duncan, plus more. LeBran basically has Kevin Durant right now since Kobe is injured.

What is LeBran associated with? Flopping, dunking, laying it up, and getting bailed out by the refs so he can shoot free throws. Kobe meanwhile does all that minus the flopping and being bailed out plus way more. It's funny when people say without Gasol and Shaq, Kobe would have 0 rings. He would still have 5 even without them because if his ability to elevate everyone else. It would be funny to see LeBran try to cover Allen Iverson or prime Tracy McGrady. They would put up 40 no problem on him.

People also like to rave about LeBran's dunks. What they don't realize is that Kobe is a better dunker. He isn't afraid of no one when he goes up to slam it. He is a better in game dunker, and has a dunk contest trophy to show for it. No way in hell LeBran wins a dunk contest. He would be too scared to try anything impressive enough to win it. That further proves my point that Kobe is a true alpha.

Give Kevin Durant or even Paul George LeBran's team and they 4 peat. LeBran couldn't even win against the Mavericks who were not even that good. Taking everything into account LeBran is the 3rd best SF in the league currently behind Kevin Durant and Paul George.

His stans always like to point out that he can do everything, he just doesn't usually feel like it. That is the biggest load of crap ever. If he could do them, he would damn well be doing all the stuff him and his stans spew. LeBran's teammates are EASILY better than Kobe's. I am talking whole career. In Kobe's prime he got surrounded with people like Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, Luke Walton, and tons of other scrubs. Meanwhile LeBran gets Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, plus great role players that he can always count on to bail him out when sucks in the clutch as usual. Hell the beta is afraid to do a damn dunk contest because there is pressure involved. He would be best suited shooting by himself at a court because everything else is usually to much pressure for his weak little mind. Kobe would gladly volunteer for a 1 on 1 game where the loser would die. That's how confident he is in his GOAT ability.

I would pay to see LeBran take on Kobe, Jordan, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, Shaq,Kevin Durant, Paul George, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, etc in a one on one. He would get killed because there would be no refs there to bail the beta out like there are in games. He has 0 legit rings, meanwhile Kobe has 5 legit rings.

There is nothing that deflates my boner more than when I get on here and the front page is all LeBran threads talking about how he dunked on some scrub or shot a wide open 3 in the 3rd quarter. That tells you all you need to know about what kind of player he actually is. He is a glorified Kevin Love. Empty stats that don't impact a game. But rest assured if you put Kevin Love instead of LeBran on the Heat they win the last 3 championships instead of just the last 2. The real people that impact the game are his teammates. With Kobe, you know damn well his stats are going to impact a game and will be the reason his team wins or loses that night.

LeBran's a good player. Right there around the 15-25 range all time but he sure is no Kobe who is the GOAT NBA player. Once Kobe comes back he will carry the Lakers to another ring no matter what supporting cast the front office surrounds him with. He has the "it" factor unlike LeBran.

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Default Re: This has to stop.....

what a waste of time.

i don't know who is more insane, op for writing such a long crap or anybody that read that shit.
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Decent college freshman
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

Originally Posted by cos88
what a waste of time.

i don't know who is more insane, op for writing such a long crap or anybody that read that shit.
You just called yourself insane.
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Bulls Nation
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

Holy f*ck how long did it take you to type all of that up? Get a grip bro lol
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

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Decent college freshman
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

this is sad
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

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Old 02-25-2014, 08:13 PM   #24
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

Johhhnnn Jacob jingleheimer Schmidt his name was my name tooooo, whenever we go out the people always shout......
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Old 02-25-2014, 08:14 PM   #25
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

This has to stop....

proceeds to write a troll essay
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Local High School Star
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

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First Kobe fan on ISH
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

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Old 02-25-2014, 08:16 PM   #28
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

Damn, showed the guy pauk's essay, he must've been inspired
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Black and White
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

OP is a knob
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Default Re: This has to stop.....

Originally Posted by Warfan
Damn, showed the guy pauk's essay, he must've been inspired

It probably angered him to the point of making this.

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