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Stephen Kerry
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Default Your Rules

how do you and your freinds play 21?

theres always been differnent rules with different people for example

if you pass 21 you go back to 16 except when i was a kid it was 13

the first person to make a free throw gets 2 points cuz he made it first

how about horse?

what are the rules for you guys ?

lets say i make a shot the next person misses does the person after him have to make my shot or does he choose whatever shot he wants?(not sure if it makes sense)
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Default Re: Your Rules

i play you break from the 3

if we are feelin good when we make a shot we shot 3's

if not we shoot from the free

tips of course just to mess around

if you tip off of another person trying to tip, you tip the first person (if that makes sense)

and sometimes if we are really bored we do niger, or african-american tiping which is if you jump and tip someones shot after it falls through the net you tip them.

and for horse everyone has to make the set shot
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Default Re: Your Rules

To 21 by ones and twos. Have to win by two, or first to 25.
We usually split up the teams in ways that are interesting but fair. I play with the same 8-15 people all the time. Call your own fouls. Honestly, everybody I play with is pretty reasonable, so we don't have too many issues. I know some people play you have to call and one if you want the hoop to count. That I don't get.
Do or die for the ball.

For horse, I play if everyone makes your shot you get a letter until the last two.

21 has a ton of different names. We call it "rough" where I'm from. We usually require somebody to "check" it past the free throw line after a rebound, but if there's a big guy there, it's a little hard to do. If you let him hang under the rim he'll get everything, and if you make him take it back he's at a huge disadvantage.
We play all by ones, so there's no going over, but I'm accostomed to that style too. Sometimes we play with tip ins, where if you tip in a from a guy who has game point, he goes back to 13. I always liked that rule. We also usually shoot top of the key threes instead of free throws after makes.
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Default Re: Your Rules

I have played many different ways, especially when I went to college because people from all over had different ways to play. However the way I usually play is that you start with someone breaking(throwing the ball off of the back board). After that it is two points for a made shot and 1 point for foul shots up to three makes. If they make all three they check the ball up. On any missed shot you can tip the person shooting and take them back to zero if they are below or at eleven and back to eleven if they are over. If you do not tip the ball you have to clear it or take it back behind the three point line. This makes it so the lazy defender doesnt score points all the time. Sometime we pplay three tips you are out and sometimes we play blocks are the same as tips except you dont get points for them. You have to get exactly twenty one or you go back to thirteen.
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Old 05-22-2009, 10:26 PM   #5
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Default Re: Your Rules

A few people play this dumb ass variation called 50 in my area where a two is worth five points, a three is ten, and you get three free throws, each worth five points. It's beyond retarded and I always veto it if I'm there at the start of the game, but if I come and join people who are already playing, I wind up joining in.

When I actually get to play 21, it's usually ones and twos, each free throw up to the third is worth another one point, and after you make it to 21, you've got to hit a three from the top of the key after a shot to win the game. I think it's all stupid and puts too much emphasis on free throws, but there seems to be a consensus about the rules.
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