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Zan Tabak
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Default Re: Best region to live in the U.S.

In terms of Canada, Vancouver Island is probably the nicest place to live. If it were the the States I'd probably pick Hawaii.
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Default Re: Best region to live in the U.S.

Originally Posted by Hawker

Guess you don't realize that California's economy is in the shitter even with a state income tax and a sales tax. I went to Long Beach yesterday and it wasn't anything special. I've been disappointed by SoCal so far. I think I'll just go to Venice Beach and Orange County and that's it.

I'm missing Texas. No state income tax, a lower sales tax, cheaper housing, better economy and less depressing people (a lot of these in Bakersfield). Cant wait to get back.

Why are you "lol"ing at my opinion and not the 5000 other people who said Cali? Because I dont base my taste in region on just their economy? (which was good until recently). You are missing texas because its cheaper to live there? I guess you value different things in a region than most people do. You would LOVE South America, I hear housing is really cheap there.

Bakersfield is the dirty poo covered asshole of California, so dont let that taint your perception. Never been to Long beach, Venice beach or OC, in fact I havent spent much time in Socal in general except Santa Barbara and San Diego, which are both like heaven on earth if you can afford them. Norcal > Socal too.

edit: If you want to know why I love cali you should go to Yosemite, the American River, the Sierras in general, the Redwood forests of Norcal, and dont go to all the tourist destinations like Venice beach.

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Default Re: Best region to live in the U.S.

Originally Posted by Rockbttm88
No doubt man. Its redneck city up there. But the house were getting is in a community mostly for weekend people. Theres always two security guards on duty and you need card-key access to get in. But yeah, I'm definitely gonna get a gun when we move there. Just for piece of mind I guess.
Yeah don't get me wrong it's a real cool area. Like I said if you are into the outdoors or survivalism It's one of the best places to be. Cost of living is cheap up there. Definitely worth owning a gun though because there as previously mentioned theres some methed out redneck f*cktards.
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Jakez On Point11
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Default Re: Best region to live in the U.S.

If you want a really liveable city, with a good mix of city life and nature I'd definitly reccomend Pittsburgh.
It's really diverse and areas like the Southside and Strip District are exquisite plus close to downtown Pittsburgh.
And we are the 'City of Champions' :)
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