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Good Golly!
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Default Re: When, If Ever, Does Porn Go Too Far? Ghetto Gaggers?

Originally Posted by DatZNasty
Ok now we're talking about the nastiest porn we've seen and I got to shout outs to beastiality. No Chris Crocker, but it's always been well known that horses and hung like... horses. Anyways this video I download appeared to be shot in Australia, and this chic straight took like all 50 inches in her hole, then proceeded to fellate the horse and the horse ejaculated on her with the water fury of a hurricane. She was trying to take it in her mouth but it was like a fire hose with pressure and she was choking and fell over.

I also remember that one where some dude (who likely did it on purpose but in the video he claims it was an accident) pulled over on the side of the road to take a *****, and that donkey came and straight mounted him. He had his pants around his ankles and was trying to run then fell down and donkey got it's rocket out, and got smooth on his back and the video ends abruptly.

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Saw a basketball once
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Default Re: When, If Ever, Does Porn Go Too Far? Ghetto Gaggers?

Originally Posted by boozehound
soundgarden, you have clearly never been desperate for money. Undereducated women, probably with an addiction and no marketable skills frequently turn to their sex as an easy way to make money, especially if they have low self-worth/so drugged up it doesnt matter.

There was a great special on HBO I saw last year about meth up in ??? MOntana I think. One of the girls interviewed said she allowed dudes to violate her with a baseball bat, pour candle wax on her lips, etc. just to score. Her fix was more important than the abuse she was doing to her body.
Hey, how do you know I'm not desperate now...? And that's the thing, to make yourself marketable by attaining some kind of skill and to stay off drugs so you don't end up on the streets or choking on your own vomit, on the internet no less... I think mental stability is the first step.

And what's "soundgarden"?

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Haw haw haw haw!
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Default Re: When, If Ever, Does Porn Go Too Far? Ghetto Gaggers?

This is some jeffed up jeff right here. Jeff is gunna jeffing delete this jeff. I wonder if there are gunna be some bans handed out to posters. If that happens, that jeffin sucks.
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woop woop
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Default Re: When, If Ever, Does Porn Go Too Far? Ghetto Gaggers?

Wow that thing is as graphic as advertised; I went on the site and couldn't eat for like 15 minutes. I pictured the cum and the vomit all up on my burritos. Good thing there wasn't any cheese on them.
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