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Default Nostalgia from a long time ISh 76er

I've been on ISH for quite a while now, rooting for the 76ers, and watching this forum dead as it is, I got nostalgic remembering the old ISH 76ers FAM in it's offseason days. Where are all the hardcore 76er fans bumped regularly to keep alive the fam, despite not having much action around. I guess our team has sucked for too long now, and the fact that it will be keeping that tradition for a couple of seasons more -at least- doesn't helps a bit.

I'm not free of sin either. I haven't been active lately, and I could've done better to help this forum. But there are some factors that haven't motivated me, namely two:

1) The loss of Allen Iverson. Yes, "get over it already", I know. But he was the reason I started rooting for the 76ers in the first place. For me, he was the heart and soul of the team. As much as I had known for a couple of years that him leaving was the best for both sides, I miss him.

2) The change of quorum in 76er fans posting in here. I don't mean to diss anyone, but I'm pretty sure the level as far as poster quality goes has dropped considerably. I miss some of the guys from the old forum who are long gone, and not because I'm an old-days maniac. Let me put it simple: I'm sure 80% of the people who actually read this don't know what quorum means. And that's for those who didn't skipped this long post.

I'm eager to see more intelligent posters actively join this forum. But seeing the team as it is today, that's not likely to happen.

There are some quality 76er fans who never drop by this place -such as hateraid and GOBB- or others who I barely see post anymore -ppierce34, AI09, sixerfan3511, etc- but i'm hoping some come back once the season starts. I'm trying to convince myself I will.


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Default Re: Nostalgia from a long time ISh 76er

It's been a bad couple years for the sixers, and there's really not to much to cheer for. The city wants a winner so bad and we jus can't seem to find a way to get over our problems. As you can see by my name, we had so much hope after we traded Iverson, we were looking at gettting oden or durant, but then Billy King went and saved his job, and instead of the next great franchise center, we get stuck with Thad Young. It's depressing, and we can't do anything. Like Bill Simmons said, every GM makes trades for themselves, then the franchise, then the fans. Were stuck in this depressing team, and we can't seem to get away. But what can we do? I wanted to stop cheering for the team, but as much as I want to be a Blazers fan, I can't leave, because the sixers are my team. I won't be going to any games this year, and I encourage all of you seventy sixers fans to cancel your seventy sixers. The only way we can force any action is to hurt the owners in there pockets. It's disgusting how horrible this team is going to be. It would be better if they were so horrible there was hopes they would get a top 2 pick and turn this around. Instead I'm afraid that we won't be going anywhere this year, get knocked out in the first round or be a late lottery team, and go nowhere. Wish I could leave, but I can't.

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Default Re: Nostalgia from a long time ISh 76er

It's not depressing to have Thad. I liked the draft, they were smart for once in picking for the future and realizing this team is going nowhere now. It would have been much better if they would have realized that during last season when they could have used Miller's value and probably squeezed out a good deal and had a better shot at a top pick and had the team in better possesion with cap space. And no I don't buy this Andre Miller makes the young players better and is helping them develop.

The team is still in bad shape, but I'm far more optimistic about the future than I was last season.
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