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Old 11-02-2007, 01:39 PM   #1
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Default The Real Problem

There is going to be a reason why this team isn't going to win as many games or enough to get into the playoffs this season if Nellie insists in playing this line up. Phoenix is probably the best "run-and-gun" team there is and how many NBA finals have they've even been involved in since imploying D'Antoni's system? ZERO! Putting up a lot of points just isn't going to get you through or to the playoffs, let alone a shot at the holy grail of basketball. Nellie has to realize this sooner than later.

With this line up, if this team doesn't shoot, at least, 50% from the field, then their chances of winning are really slim. There are two key components in this style of play that Nellie runs...DEFENSE AND REBOUNDING! They can't run the ball if they're constantly taking the ball out after their opponent makes a bucket. They only way to insure that doesn't happen is to play defense and be able to secure the rebound after they miss. This line up can't do either. In the Utah game, they gave up 16 offensive rebounds to the Jazz in the process of getting out-rebounded by 19 overall. Thats not going to cut it against any team, especially ones that you will have to get by in the playoffs. Just ask Phoenix who got out-rebounded by double digits on more than one occassion during their series with the Spurs.

On top of all that, Nellie had the second best rebounder on this team (Harrington) coming off the bench which basically left Pietrus as their PF against Boozer. That's just a horrible match up and unsensible. What this team needs is an athletic big thats strong and can rebound. He doesn't have to put up big scoring numbers to have value on this team. He just needs to grab boards, defend, and block some shots.

There's a guy out there that would fit into that perfectly....Stromile Swift. He's not getting paid an awful lot but will fill a big void at the power forward spot. Brandan Wright isn't a good rebounder yet. A guy like Swift can match up against a guy like Boozer much better than anyone else we have on this roster. He'll come in handy against guys like Duncan, KG, Haslem, R. Wallace, and most PFs in the league. He won't stop them all, but he can help keep them off the boards with this strength and athleticism.

I'd trade O'Bryant and Pietrus to Memphis for Swift. Of course, Mikael can't be traded until January, but its better than never.

A line up of:

PG Davis - Ellis - Hudson
SG Jackson - Azubuike - Belinelli
SF Harrington - Barnes
PF Swift - Croshere - Wright
C Biedrins - Lasme

Would be a more traditional line up that should be able to rebound much better.
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Default Re: The Real Problem

The warriors do need someone big that can rebound well...If I could choose anyone I think I would want Dwight Howard,he is just a beast around the basket.I know that the warriors cant get Howard but that would be sick.My starting line up would be Baron,Ellis,Jackson,Harrington and Howard. No matter what the warriors do this season I would never want them to change their small ball,offense oriented style of play....that and Monta is why I love the Warriors.
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Default Re: The Real Problem

Yeah Swift would be a sick pickup. Also, they could try for some other guys like Channing Frye, Chris Wilcox, or Nenad Kristic.
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