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Default 100,000 Makes Or Bust

My New Challenge
Right now Iím in the middle of making 100,000 shots over 73 days. Itís a little mini-series I do. Right now Iím shooting 69.7 percent from the three-point line and Iím shooting 79.3 percent, I think, from the college three. Thereís three people that rebound and tally my makes and misses. One kid is Jared, heís a ball boy and thereís also Drew Cleary, our strength coach, and Brian Chase. Heís actually trying to make the team and doing it with me.

I came up with this idea because of this kid Mike. Heís a shooter that went to my high school and broke some of my records, and this is what he just finished doing. So we do these little challenges because he thinks he can shoot better than me. He knows mentally he canít beat me, but I have to say he did shoot 85 percent from the college three-point line. I think thatís pretty good.

I know people will look at the 69 percent from the NBA three for me and be like, ďOh, thatís nothing,Ē but when youíre shooting 5,000 shots a day, believe me, thatís pretty good.

I'm Sticking to my Diet (Sorta)
Iím still on my diet too. Itís going well, Iím ripped baby! Of course Iím still tempted by Cheetos. I just said Iím still on a diet, but I didnít say I donít cheat away from the diet. Of course I do. Iím an American! We eat bad!

Kobe Bryant lost 20 pounds, so thatís good. Iíll body him. I gained seven pounds, but this is a good seven. Iím at four percent body fat now. I was at 11 percent body fat when I got hurt. So Iím down to four percent and itís all muscle, cut up, you know, looking diesel.

Looking Like Chucky Atkins
I ran up and down for the first time with the USA Under-21 Team. I donít know what to call that team actually, they donít look like theyíre under 21. Iíll just call them the USA College Team.

They were down in D.C. at the Verizon Center so I played with them. I hit a couple buckets, you know, but thatís all I can say. I couldnít jump and stuff them, I was looking like I was Chucky Atkins out there around the rim. The stroke was there, but I was looking like Chucky on the vert.

They were just playing hard, thatís what I expected. Thatís why I wanted to play. I went out there to sweat it out for the first time and try to get my leg underneath me and see how much Iím favoring it. I would have gone out to Vegas, but those boys have been working out the whole summer. I didnít want to get cut again before I even got started.

I heard that Mike Bibby is hosting a 1997 championship reunion at Arizona and Iím supposedly going to be there. Why am I going to be there? I didnít win a championship. We lost to DUKE! The man I lost to in the championship is the man who cut me from Team USA. He cut me like Arizona beat Duke and he wanted payback. I think thatís the hardest part. I was thinking because they won that he was going to help me on the team, you know, maybe heíd feel sorry for me.

But, Iím over it. You know, Team USA should do well this year. I was looking at the roster and theyíre finally putting a roster together that looks like it can compete -- they got shooters, they got all around players. I donít know about some of the players, Iím not sure if theyíre really USA Basketball material, but at the end of the day if they pick it, they pick it. It needs to be a versatile roster in the end.

My Partner in Swag
It feels good to have DeShawn coming back officially. I think that puts us ahead of the game. Thatís good for us. Thatís the first time we kept the two-man, a starter at that, since Larry Hughes left. You know, we always lost a starter. Itís good for us because he plays good defense, he hit open shots when he had to but he didnít worry about shooting, he was just out there playing trying to make the team better. That was good for us. You need teammates like that.

Get Ready for The Takeover: Reloaded
They thought they saw Hibachi last year? Whooo, man! By the time preseason starts Iíll have put in 100,000 makes. Thatís my goal. Iím not going to go in there are just throw up shots either. You keep charts of all your shooting. Actually, the other day while I was shooting, Iíve seen Dave Hopla. Heís a shooting coach for Toronto and he worked with me when I was in junior high and high school.

When I saw him, he said he had his worst shooting performance of the year Ö He missed six out of 187 shots! Right now heís shooting 99.3 percent for the summer. Thatís who I compete against because he always told me to keep track of what you shoot.
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