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Default Re: Official Grand Theft Auto V Thread

Originally Posted by Kaspah
Brother and I got 2 copies last night.

I didn't play last night, but today I played using his discs, so mine was still unopened.

Played an hour, got really bored, and decided I was going to return the game.

This game was way more fun on ps2. I feel like half the fun of playing GTA was doing adult stuff while you were still a kid. Now that I'm 22 it's like, I could go drive a real car, or make real money, or fck real chicks. It's almost like a real life simulator where you get to see what it'd be like to be chased by cops.

Not worth $65 to me. I did enjoy the intro though.

at the big grown 22 year old.
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rhythmic †hesis
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Default Re: Official Grand Theft Auto V Thread

I'm about to do the 2nd Heist with Trevor.
Did about 30 missions so far, running through the story mode first before messing around with the free roam. Haven't played Tennis or Golf, or other leisure activities. Rode the roller coaster and Ferris wheel though on the port. Really enjoying the dialogue, very humorous. Love all 3 characters but I'm leaning towards Michael because he's just a smooth ass operator when it comes to missions. He's the genius behind it all but Trevor is definitely the most entertaining character to play with. Franklin reminds me of CJ a lot; Mike reminds me of the character from VC and Trevor reminds me of Niko. All in all, great variety with the 3 protagonists BUT only 69 missions?! You have to be kidding me, that's a HUGE disappointment. I've done 50% of the story almost and really haven't been that heavily compelled.

Not too sure that this game is better than TLoU to be honest; TLoU so far has left a bigger impression on me. At this point, I enjoy San Andreas a little more. I don't know; the city feels alive and overwhelming but at the same time it feels like I'm driving around the same damn areas all the time. Of course, I haven't free roamed much at all so it's not for me to judge.

Overall, fantastic game...
My favorite moment was when I (as Franklin) dropped off Trevor at the strip club then moments later realized I have no missions available with Franklin so I switched off to Trevor...he's in the middle of the club hammered as shit (because the screen is all blurry) screaming at the top of the lungs "I see p*ssy and I want some right now". Then I go outside and knock the bouncer out before escaping the cops.

I'm sure when I start exploring the city I'll love it a lot more.
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Styles p
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Default Re: Official Grand Theft Auto V Thread

first thing i did was go back to grove street and killed all those bitch ass ballas
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Default Re: Official Grand Theft Auto V Thread

the cars feel like they have some weight, driving has improved a lot
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