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Default Pistons Fans

Well since the NBA has been advertising their voting on for the All Decade stuff, me being the huge Basketball/NBA fanatic/junkie that I am, got to thinking about All Time Teams for each franchise. Obviously some franchises have a longer history and tradition of top notch players than others, but it's still fun to see who would be the consensus All Franchise Teams going back to the very first NBA season to the present. I thought it might be a cool idea if I went to each team's forums and asked the fans of that team themselves who they felt were their favorite team's All Franchise Team. Once the All Franchise Team's were chosen, maybe we could post them on the main forum and it would be cool/interesting to see who have been the greatest players in a franchise's history according to the good fans of, and not some bigwig ESPN/media "experts" who rarely know what they're talking about anyways. So without further interruption, here's a list of players I've come up with to get this discussion going. Feel free to add others that I may have missed. You could choose five players based on each position, or just the five best players in general. So here we go:

Isiah Thomas
Joe Dumars
Bob Lanier
Dave Bing
Ben Wallace
Bill Laimbeer
Rick Mahorn
Adrian Dantley
Dennis Rodman
Grant Hill
Chauncey Billups
Vinnie Johnson
Jerry Stackhouse
Gene Shue
George Yardley
Mark Aguirre

Don't know if this has been done before or not, but I hadn't seen anything like this on ISH before. Hopefully we can get some cool results!
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Default Re: Pistons Fans

My starting lineup would be:

C: Bob Lanier
PF: Dennis Rodman
SF: Grant Hill
SG: Joe Dumars
PG: Isiah Thomas

Off the bench, I would have:
G: Chauncey Billups
G: Dave Bing
C: Bill Laimbeer
F/C: Ben Wallace
F: Dave DeBusschere
F: Adrian Dantley
F: Tayshaun Prince
G: Vinnie Johnson

Everyone but Stackhouse, Shue, Yardley, Aguire, and Mahorn from your list made it, plus a few that you didn't mention. Only one that I think is debatable is my choice of Prince over those five and Hamilton. Personally, I think Prince has been more important to the organization overall than any of those, and would be a great source of on-ball defense off the bench.
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Default Re: Pistons Fans

I think Richard Hamilton deserves to be on the list. He's been our leading scorer for basically this past decade, which we've had a very competitive team (except for this season of course). The back court of Hamilton & Billups was probably the most under rated back court in the NBA but it was the strength of the team and the reason we were heading to the conference finals every year. It's ironic Chauncey didn't get the respect he deserved on a national level until he went to Denver. I think the same thing would happen if Rip was traded to another team.
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