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Im Still Ballin
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Default Re: Are Women Superior To Men Now?

Originally Posted by SixShooter
The hierarchy will always go like this.

Chads/rich men
Normal men/incels

Men have always been the expendable sex. It just so happens that there are no wars or shit in our time that kill them off. So you have a bunch of men still living, but are bottom feeding.

Men need to either be rich, have major status, or be extremely good looking. Women just need to not be fat. She doesn't actually need to do anything to be desired other than not eat like a hippo. And even this may be changing as I'm seeing even fat women/single mothers/other undesirable traits have endless suitors.

Women can go to college and pursue any dumb thing and get a job if they arn't obese/deformed. The man needs to either have an extremely valued skillset or be related to someone to get the job.

However its still a Chad world. All the women want the Chad/rich guys D. His options are limitless. These type of men will always be the main innovaters for society, and leaders. Almost every single person that is the best at something is a man. Even something like cooking, yep the best person in the world at it is a man. Men have higher potential in the grand scheme of things while women tend to remain more steady toward the average.

Just another foot soldier. Another cannon fodder to the anarchy.
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Bucks Brigade
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Default Re: Are Women Superior To Men Now?

Originally Posted by AirBonner
Imagine a world full of women. Now ask yourself how many decisions would be made in a day?

at least one = who gets the dildo first
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Default Re: Are Women Superior To Men Now?

Yep women are taking control.


1. For every 100 girls 105 boys are born in the western society. In china, india and some arab countries the ratio is even worse, because female fetus are being aborted.
Result: many men wont marry or have the possibility to reproduce. So women have the power of choice of their sexual partner. This equates to much power (and will even more in the future)
I have two sisters. They both had like a million boyfriends, while i met my first girlfriend at university (im still with her since 2013 and im very thankfull to have her)

2. 90 and 10 rule: 90% of the women in fact just want 10% of the men (the good looking ones etc). That also means: those 10% of men will reproduce many time and impregnate many women while many men wont ever.

3. Aftter WW1 and WW2 Germany had a high female surplus, because 2 million and 4 million young men died.
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