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Lord Leoshes
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Default Wade/Bron/Bosh/JJ

Just read this, then MODs merge it if you want.

Dwyane Wade confirmed plans for a summer summit involving the NBA's top free-agent players to discuss their plans. So inside an ocean-side penthouse resort suite

LeBron James: "OK, fellas, where we playing?''

Wade: "By we, you mean "

LeBron: "You and me, first of all."

Wade: "Every game will be a two-ring circus!"

Chris Bosh: "You mean a three-ring circus?"

Wade: "We'll be Batman and Batman!"

Chris Bosh: "And Robin."

Wade: "We'll be Starsky and Starsky!"

Bosh: "And Hutch."

Joe Johnson: "What about "The Four Horsemen!?"

LeBron: "Uh, can you get me a drink, Joe?"

Wade: "And one for me while you're out?"

Johnson (leaving): "Again, fellas?"

Wade: "OK, let's go over the options."

LeBron: "Well, New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov says he'll give us some Russian oil rigs."

Wade: "But the Nets play in Newark."

LeBron: "Right. What about Chicago?"

Wade: "That comes with the ex-wife factor."

LeBron: "Cleveland?"

Wade: " Now you're scaring me."

LeBron: "Kidding!"

Wade: "OK, what about New York?"

LeBron: "Tabloid hell. Besides, the jury's out on their management."

Wade: "Don't mention juries to me."

LeBron: "All right. Let's talk about the supporting cast Pat Riley has assembled for us over the past few years with the Heat."


Wade: "Hmm."

(Longer pause.)

Wade: "On the plus side, there's no state income tax in Florida. That's a few more million a year for you right there."

LeBron: "Hey, my decision isn't about money."

(Laughter from everyone.)

LeBron: "Or personal statistics."

(More laughter.)

LeBron: "I'm only thinking about winning!"

(Even more laughter.)

Wade: "Let's talk money. The Heat can sign two maximum contract players, then dump Michael Beasley for a draft pick I'd say Memphis, since they have three first-round picks and then pay a third free agent $13 million a year."

Bosh: "Count me in on that."

Wade: "You get the $13 million, Chris."

Bosh: "Count me out the door to New York."

Wade: "What if we divide everything up."

LeBron: "Evenly?"

Bosh: "Can we do that?"

LeBron: "Give me the phone. I'll ask David Stern."

Wade: "Don't make him call you, "Commissioner" again, OK?"

LeBron: "I'll tell him I'm considering Oklahoma City."

Wade: "Make sure he's taken his medicine first."

LeBron: "And I won't say we're meeting. He warned us not to have a summit. He might discipline us."

(Laughter from everyone.)

Bosh: "Who do we want as coach?"

Wade and LeBron: "Who cares?"

Bosh: "Let's leak we want Phil Jackson just to so we can play that drinking game with his name on ESPN again."

LeBron: "Anything else?"

Wade: "One more thing. NBA Finals. Game 7. Last possession. Clock running down. Who gets the last shot?"

LeBron: "I don't think there's any doubt about that, do you?"

Wade: "Nope."

LeBron: "Glad we agree."

Wade: "Me, too."

LeBron: "It's about winning."

Wade: "No 'I' in team."


LeBron: "I'll call Stern now."

Wade: "Good idea."
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Default Re: Wade/Bron/Bosh/JJ

This For Real?

Sounds Like a Made-up story
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