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Old 06-19-2007, 09:59 PM   #16
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Default Re: Tips for a man without a plan

I've also been single for 2 years. I live in the middle of the country where the girls my age are already married with 2 kids. My alma mater, which I just graduated from, is 15 minutes away. Seeing as how school is out for the Summer, it would be next to impossible to meet anyone now since most everyone is out of town. Also, since I'm moving probably, meeting girls just seems kinda pointless at this moment in time.
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Default Re: Tips for a man without a plan

Seems like a few people got the urges. It's just a matter of actin on em. Strategize and pounce. For the past weeks I've been pumpin up my friends to go to bars and ish like that.

Not no more though. If the situation arises, i'm gonna act on my urges and be casual about it. I figure the only way to get back in the game is catch up on the crap I missed.

Trial and error baby. Trial and error.
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Default Re: Tips for a man without a plan

Originally Posted by Faufner
Money? I aint rich by no means, but I have full-time job for the summer makin some good cash. Most of it goes to paying for my car (insurance and lease) and payin debts. But I don't plan on buying a girl **** to get with her, if thats what you meant.

Money simply does not make a man nor does it purchase you happiness so please dont feel as if you need an extended bank account to find a decent female because its most definitley not the case. It absolutley boggles my mind when I hear dudes preach that without a heavy stash or financial backing your quest to find the company of a woman is useless. A real woman will undoubtidly respect your hustle and efforts in trying to craft yourself a better life yet she wont show you the cold shoulder if your not producing a 6 figure salary so squash all the money chatter for the time being cause its reall minor in truth....

The vibe im catching off you Faufner & from the sounds of your story it seems as if your in search of a "no strings" attached booty call opposed to a relationship with substance & meaning right now, which is all good either way & certainly understandable considering you just broke out of a long term relationship. One key lesson that this life has taught me is that most things you desire dont just pass your way unsuspectingly and if you aspire to do or get something then go after it, full force.

Feeling lonesome & sexually distressed?

Get yourself out there,
be seen,
and make your moves WITHOUT HESITATION! <---- KEY

Anyways brother,
My Italian ass is doing the dinner thing in a quick minute so ill contribute further on a later note...

If everything I assumed above is false and you actually are in search of a meaningfull relationship then I suggest that you focus elsewhere from the club scene....

D&D / DONE & Done
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