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Default Re: No Rose, No Noah, Gimp Deng, Gemp Gibson

Originally Posted by NumberSix
Uhh, yeah. Of course. Who are you arguing with? I mean, what you're saying is pretty undeniable, but who said otherwise in the first place? Yes, they're fighting with what's available. Who said they weren't? What's to possibly disagree with? What am I missing?

There was no agenda in this post hence the listing of all the Bulls who are dealing with injury issues. Some Bulls fans are ultra sensitive no doubt. You'd think if they decided to show their mugs in this thread they'd be big upping their team's heart instead of moping
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Kevin Love
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Default Re: No Rose, No Noah, Gimp Deng, Gemp Gibson

Originally Posted by TheMan
reading comprehension>you
That's not what my point is, take 2 of any team's best players away, have it's other top 3 player banged up and see how far that team goes. I dare you to name a team out there, however deep they are and do what happened to Chicago and tell me they won't struggle. You already conceding Miami wouldn't do to well because you say LBJ and Bosh are more important to the Heat than Rose/Noah to the Bulls (which is utter bullshit, they are the most important players along with Deng.

Take Durant and Ibaka out and have Westbrook play with one hand, ain't going far.
Take Bryant and Gasol out and have Bynum play with one hand, same thing...
Take Parker and Duncan out and have Manu play with one hand, ^^^
Take Rondo and Garnett out and have Pierce play with one hand, hopefully you now get the picture.

Look, us Bulls fans aren't whining and crying about our injuries, it happens, but if you can't see how a healthy team and an injured team will perform way differently, then you sir are basketball retarded.

BTW, two of our better role players are out there still giving it a go, Taj playing on one leg and CJ dealing with a bum elbow.

Bulls would be done with Philly if everyone was playing, you know that, stop trolling.

WTF? I just said that Bosh and Lebron has more impact in Heat than Noah and Rose in Bulls. Why do you have to write an essay and say many things I never stated?
I never said that teams wouldnt struggle without 2 of their best players.
I never said that a healthy and an injuried team perform the same way.
Why are you hallucinating things? Rose s injury affected you mentally?
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Hold the door
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Default Re: No Rose, No Noah, Gimp Deng, Gemp Gibson

I agree that that post is an overreaction, but you're practically saying that Bosh is more valuable to the Heat than either Rose or Noah to the Bulls. Isn't that what you're saying?
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Dont Care.
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Default Re: No Rose, No Noah, Gimp Deng, Gemp Gibson

man i hope the bulls at least get out of the first round, even with derrick and noah out i will be disapointed if they don't
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