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Default 2/23/11 Bucks @ Knicks (W)

The first game for Carmelo & Billups, went well. It was a fight, considering we had no defense & we contested their shots. Melo looked awful in the start. Billups looked very well, a floor general someone who I trust with the ball. These guys complament each other, having Billups secures our crunch time free throws. What I noticed is that were so focused on offense, our defense leads to their offense.

Amare, Carmelo, & Billups need on games, with a well show put on by Douglas/ our bench. Without this being done, were going to struggle. How can we defeat a team with strong defense? That freezes our offense, forcing us to play defense that we know little about. Billups might actually be the one we need to say, hey we need to start playing some defense.

The first game played on 2/23/11. Carmelo seems at home, Billups doesn't look home sick, he seems to love the crowed & ready to start the new challange. I dont think we need to worry about CP3, this guy has a good 3 years in him left. We need a solid defender that can hold the Center position. With that said & done, we have to worry about Chauncys time. As he ages(34) his in game time shrinks. We cant continue to rely on Douglas who did marvelous, but we all know he has off games.

What I suggest, is we work on Anthony Carter splitting some time in there as well, get the feel of the Knicks team so he can also spell Douglas & Chauncy. Turiaf also needs a break every now & then. Do you see where this is getting? We have to rely despritely on our bench to strive. Only problem we won't have is depending on just Amare as our first option, when he's on the bench we hear fans thinking out loud, ''We need Amare back in the game''.

Its pretty obvious with time getting to know each other we will soon have players complamenting each other, the feeling is right, the mood will be toned to what the proper level should be, get the job done & progress. We as fans cannot depend on management to truly get us what we need. We find holes in the rotation, we find ways to cover them up in some way until the time comes to remove the hole with whatever fills it.

Our biggest hole is the Center position. Finding someone of that kind who can play defense. Defense is our key, the Bucks had a great offensive/defensive game yet they relied on their entire team to get the job done. We were a threat with Amare/Douglas/Melo & Billups running the plays. It takes pressure off of our role players with such talent (superstars) in the rotation because they can secure their duties & nothing but that .

What do we need to work on?
-Defense/Rebounding & staying out of foul trouble
How can we get this done?
-Practice/Getting to know each other througout time progresses
What improvement did we see at this point & on?
-Improvement in taking stress off of our players & giving teams a battle to who do we guard, who do we man to man defense on, teams will struggle knowing who runs which plays because we have multiple legit 1st, 2nd & 3rd options to run them on type of players.

Before we start barking about getting a new coach, we have to get a Center & see how we do playoff time. With our Floor General Chauncy Billups running the offense creating plays, we do stand a chance with our role players improving & showing signs that this is the job they have to get done if they want to spend glory time in the playoffs moving on to contenders. Of course with the current roster we cannot complete this, however through time we will be on the quest to do nothing but that.

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Default Re: 2/23/11 Bucks @ Knicks (W)

Why Brewer,Shelden Williams,Balkman and Carter didn't play ?

D'Antoni should put them at least for a few minutes to see how they will fit in.
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