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Default Re: What Languages do you Speak?

Originally Posted by Lebowsky
There isn't any truth to it, although it's something you usually hear in Spain. They people in Valladolid speak the best spanish in Spain because people from there usually have no accent (as in regional accent) at all. Other Spanish speakers (from Spain, that is) can't usually identify someone from Valladolid by they way they speak. On the contrary, one can identify Catalans (in most cases) or Andalusians (especially them, they're unmistakeable). However, that doesn't mean anything, because it's also the case in other parts of central-north Spain. Furthermore, I'm from an area with a thick regional accent but I myself have none.
I don't think there's such a thing as true Spanish, but if there is, then it's definitely not in Valladolid. San Millan de la Cogolla has a case, as it's the place with the oldest spanish texts ever found (Glosas Emilianenses).

Originally Posted by TaLvsCuaL
The languages are living things who are constantly changing. Every language got multiple influences, have its origins in other languages and take borrowed words from others languages. Therefore the word "true" sounds absurd to me in linguistic terms.

I think people should not adapt to the linguistic norm, the linguistic norm must adapt to what is spoken in the street. And mush take into account all the variants that enrich the common language.

Nice, thanks

Actually, in Italy people say that the "true Italian" is the one they speak in Florence.
By the Middle Ages, each region had developed its own form of vulgarised Latin, and the one whose structure most closely recalls the structure of modern Italian was the Florentine.
On the other hand, the first one of these vulgarised Latin forms to be used at an "inter-regional" level was the Sicilian one. So some argues that Sicily was the real cradle of the Italian language.

Anyways, there is literally no region in Italy that "has no accent". All regional accents/dialects are easily recognisable.
There may be individual exceptions of course, but in general you can always tell where an Italian comes from by the way he speaks.
Here's a nice video of different Italian regional accents as naturally spoken by some famous people (there's Benigni, Valentino Rossi, and others).

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Default Re: What Languages do you Speak?

We actually have specific term non-accented Dutch, "Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands" which translates to "General Civilized Dutch" or something provocative like that. Provocative but appropriate. Dutch isn't a very pleasing language to listen to, but every single one of the accents sound extremely boorish.
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Default Re: What Languages do you Speak?

Portuguese (native), english and spanish.
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Default Re: What Languages do you Speak?

English, Tagalog, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, German, French, Portuguese & a little bit of Spanish.

Goodnight everyone.
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