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Old 01-06-2011, 12:53 AM   #31
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Default Re: B*tches are seductive these days

Originally Posted by Riddler
I just want to have sex with a really hot b*tch... that's all I basically want for the most part.

But on a regular basis... not just a few times.

Is that too much to ask for in this life?

It seems like hot girls are everywhere but if that's the case why am I not with any of them... what the f*ck am I doing wrong? I mean... theses single chicks gotta be screwing somebody right? why can't I be that guy?

Why can't I be one of these chick's bedroom buddy without strings attached?

$hit's ridiculous man.

Being naturally funny ( no corny jokes) is probably one of the best characteristics for one to have to get the female.

It helps if you have an actually girl to give you advice ( which I can tell in your case you don't).

One thing you probably know and what she told me personally, this has helped me get a fair share of broads back in my hey day. You have to let the girl your trying to get her, but not make it too obvious ( this is if you don't know for sure ).

An example I have seen before is, one time my friend thought this girl was hot. She was sitting down at a party, then he came up to her and did this dance like dry humping her I guess that's what you would call it. However, he did it in a joking way, so after like 1-2 seconds of it, stopped and was like " I'm just playing, I know you don't want that". Then she said " how do you know". See now he knew that she may or may not want his ****, so he got the guts to entertain that possibility. The rest was history.
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Default Re: B*tches are seductive these days

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Default Re: B*tches are seductive these days

Last edited by JustinJDW : 01-07-2011 at 03:02 PM.
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Default Re: B*tches are seductive these days

People are manipulative. Men do this in a different way and likewise, women do it in a certain way as well. I don't know why people want so much control in life.

Too boring and too predictable and yet, it's so damn alluring at the same time.
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By Any Means
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Default Re: B*tches are seductive these days

Originally Posted by Riddler
I think it's Women have increased their ability to mind-f*ck you in new ways. And not only have they gotten better with the mind games... but it's that they know how to give you this look with their eyes that will drive a man insane... It's the type of look where they stare at you in the eyes... not for a long time, but just for a quick 5 seconds... and they project this telepathic message that says loud clear "You know you want to f*ck me".... and then they look away before it starts to get awkward.

And that's what I think it is... I think women have evolved to point that they know how communicate telepathically... and the first message that they learn to communicate telepathically is: "You know you want to f*ck me".

She know's you got the message with the way she looked at you... That's why it's so amusing to her... She's not only smiling to be sexy, she's got a smile on her face because she thinks it's funny that you and her both know damn well the funny little game that you just played.

And I'm telling you this happens all the time... Ironically enough it happens the most with a girl you'll never sleep with and nor does she want to sleep with you, someone like your Boss (I had a female boss once)... or your homie's girlfriend... she will give you this look and it kind of leaves you defenseless for a quick second... it's like a quick jab to brain... and you have to ask yourself: Did this b*tch just telepathically tell me something sexual?... and 9 times out of 10 the answer is yes... yes she did just give you that seductive look and that b*tch knows exactly what she just did too.

yep... that's what it is. $hit's ridiculous.

I hope that makes sense.
These are dooms threads I love.
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