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Default Re: Kobe calls out management in press conference...

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
I'm not a crazed Laker fan or Kobe apologist. I think he's a r8pist, selfish, and has poor shot selection/defensive intensity at times. That being said, him getting help and having it be "his" team aren't mutually exclusive.

Give him some decent players who can defend, shoot, shot block, a little post scoring and another All Star. It would still be his team with every other player in the league except say Shaq, KG, or Duncan.

It would still be Kobe's team with KG...Kobe is better than him.
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Put Back Dunk
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Default Re: Kobe calls out management in press conference...

Originally Posted by OneWay

The supposed greedy monster.

Yes, he wanted more money and wasn't willing to take a "drastic paycut", but don't act like that's the reason why he left. After Phil wasn't asked to come back (and on top of that Shaq wasn't even informed about this from team management) Shaq realized that the team was no longer his and that they didn't value his opinion because they were solely catering to what Kobe wanted, THEN he asked to be traded.

I don't even feel like arguing about this anymore with anyone.

You guys only believe 1 side and believe it fully. The truth is always in the middle, like this time too.

Of course the truth is always in the middle, and as dumb as it is to believe that it was ALL Kobe it's equally moronic to believe that Kobe was just a willing participant and just happened to benefit from a decision that the Lakers made based solely on Shaq's contract demands. That's only believing one side of the story as well.

Bottom line is that Lakers management made their decision that they wanted Kobe over Shaq. I'm not saying that they didn't have the right to do so or anything, but it wasn't Shaq that created the situation where the Lakers HAD TO make that decision. Yes he wanted more money, but he never created an indirect 'me or him' situation like Kobe did.

You honestly think it's only a coincedence that Kobe made it known he wanted to be the leader and that he didn't like Phil's offensive system and then both Phil and Shaq are gone before he re-signs? Come on.

If you're going to quote Phil which I'm not saying is wrong, why not quote his 1000000 statements that say "Kobe had nothing to do with anything"?

That's an interesting point if he made those statements well before coming back to the Lakers, is that the case? (I'm doubting that he did or anything, I'm just saying I don't know for myself so if you do post a link or something).

Even that is the case, it wasn't him that made the decision to keep Kobe over Shaq so why would he know the reasoning behind it? In fact, odds are that he was already out of the loop by the time the decision was made because he was seen as Shaq's guy and not Kobe's and that's why he wasn't asked to come back.

Seriously. Dear God.

Anyway, we Laker fans can thank Jerry West that Kobe's still a Laker because he was set to go to Chicago until he spoke to West about a Laker for life legacy.

I'm sure Heat and Bulls fans would like to thank Jerry West for that too.
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