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Default State of the Knicks address.

Injuries, Collins and Balkman are injured but hopefully not seriously. That's why Collins wasn't in there. In my opinion he should be put in the starting rotation from last years performance and be allowed to develop and grow into the position. Same for Balkman, let him do his thing until he gets a short jumper or Chandler takes his place. I honestly think Chandler should start now with Collins, Crawford and Z Bo, we just have to live with those mistakes from younger players and work them out. They can't be worse then what we have, I can live with Balkman starting and Chandler coming of the bench.

Q- He's playing hurt, so why is he launching up 3 pointers with a bad elbow.....duh.....he gets to sit in the corner with a dunce cap for 30 minutes. He's not in playing shape and looks bad out there, he had one descent game defensively and other wise looks lost. He needs to be the third option offensively and he's not and never will be. Time to move on with Q, he does not fit in with this team. He looks overweight and slow, his shot is way off and we can't wait for him to get it back, if he can. We need an injection of inside hard play and that's not Q's game it's Balkman's game. I had written that I hope Q comes back with less weight so he is quicker and can play the 2/3, now he looks like a power forward, a short one at that.

This franchise has hit rock bottom. It all starts from the top. If anybody here has been involved with a large group you can see the reasons we are in this mess. I was in the Army and you can't get much larger or more confused a group as them, so I know a thing or two about organization. I also worked as a bus operator in Harlem for the NYCTA, another large poorly run organization.

It starts from the top and works it's way down. If the man at the top is a moron the organization will be run in such a fashion. Unless said moron knows he's an idiot and let's professional competent people run the show. Case in point the N.Y. Yankees, when Steinbrenner was suspended from running his team, that is when they put together a great farm system and guys like Jeter, Rivera, Pettite and Posada came up, then we made GREAT trades for guys who came through in the clutch and performed, like Broius, Key, Girardi and O'Neil.

Since he has come back, he has called the shots and that's why we signed guys like Giambi. Notice the Yankees haven't won anything for a while.....hmmmm. Maybe his sons will do a better job, I know they are trying to build the minors up again.

Back to the Knicks.

Dolan has proved that he is incompetent and is a control freak. He's the one who calls all the shots, I think that is obvious. He's also not a very nice person. I never understood until this year why Spree went off on him during a game when Spree was with another team. I originally thought it was because Dolan looks like Carlisimo, :. Did you notice none of the our players did anything in defense of Dolan then?

Isiah, in his defense is a very good judge of talent but has a little to much optimism and ego. I think he feels that he can take any player and make them into a carbon copy of one of those tough Detroit type players from his era. He can't, no matter how hard he tries. It hasn't worked with James, Marbury, Frye and has only gotten to Curry up to a certain point. He is a barely competent coach and GM, worse of a coach. He looks clueless out on the court. Even with my limited technical basketball knowledge, I know enough to see that. He does not know how to make a starting lineup that has chemistry and cannot put together a rotation. He also doesn't call timeouts when his team is losing hold on a game. He searches for combinations to counter other teams and usually comes up short. He preaches defense yet cannot get his players to play it. He preaches discipline yet cannot and is not allowed to discipline his players. Marbury should have sat that whole game even if we lost by 100 points. We had enough guards to play.

Many of us thought that the starting lineup of Marbury, Crawford, Q, Z Bo and Curry would be a disaster and it has been. They have proven so far they cannot get a lead nor hold onto one. It's usually a mix with either Lee or Balkman in there that has provided a better chemistry. I have always said Zeke plays contracts and not players, why? I really think it's Dolan saying play these guys because I'm paying them. Unless Isiah is just as much of an idiot as Dolan.

Dolan has handcuffed Isiah in many ways in dealing with his players. Dolan is more concerned with how things look and has no idea how to run a basketball team, if he did do you think he would have hired Isiah in the first place?
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