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Originally Posted by Heilige
Care to respond to the other points I made? I will respond to your post tommorrow or later tonight.

Responded to most of the comments you made towards my post, your arguments against other people are none of my business.

But I guess I can reply to the last few as well, lying or gross incompetence is essentially up to you, Bush has said so many things over the years that have been proven wrong, the reason has to be one or the other, or as I belief a mix of both.
The incompetence goes beyond that and into matters like Katrina though. How you could possible screw up a relief effort that bad is beyond me, CNN, countless private organizations and several foreign contries all responded faster than US emergency services, to a disaster everyone with a TV knew was coming days in advance.

As for your "Because he is the president of the United States." argument does that mean you don't think any amount of mistakes is enough to be removed from office or just because you haven't realized how many he has made so far ?
Your economy is going down the drain, thousands of people have died, many of them innocent civilians and your reputation and diplomatic ties in the world will take decades to fix. All the while your president chooses to focus on important stuff like discriminating against gay people....
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"Because he is the president of the United States."

That's what scares me the most.

My best friend went into the Army and they are gunna send him to Iraq to fight probably the most pointless wars ever. I'm glad he's in the army serving the country, but it's dissapointing because he's my best friend and he doesn't even know what he's getting himself into. They will send him to Iraq and he's gunna be ordered to kill an innocent child or old woman or whatever. And if he refuses, he will get in huge trouble.

I believe that both bin Laden and Bush are against Iraq and are allies. How else is it taking so long to find Bin Laden with the technology we have? But we were able to capture Sadam like a breaze, yet we haven't made one single improvement toards Bin Laden since 9/11.
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