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Default Re: SMU Larry Brown salty;Mudiay taking his talents overseas

Good for him, that's a nice payday.
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Default Re: SMU Larry Brown salty;Mudiay taking his talents overseas

Nice Little article on Grantland about it, that sort of non-aggressively bashes the NCAA for this. This was a good read, and it's nice to learn a little more about the kid, and still get some insight into the shady business going on.

My favorite excerpt:

Mudiay was born in Kinshasa, Zaire, now called the Democratic Republic of Congo. His 6-foot-10, 300-pound father died when Mudiay was still a toddler, leaving behind three kids and their mother in a country that was in the middle of a civil war. When his mother immigrated to the U.S. she had to leave her three sons behind for a year, and they lived in Zambia before eventually rejoining their mother.

“Every day,” his brother told the Dallas Morning News, “we prayed for something to happen, and it would. Sometimes, random people come by the house and drop off a bag of rice. We never were hungry, and we always came up with the money for us to go to school. But, honestly, I don’t know how my mom got us through that.”

If his family trusted the wrong high school or accepted benefits along the way, it shouldn’t be a reason to force them halfway around the world.
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Default Re: SMU Larry Brown salty;Mudiay taking his talents overseas

Originally Posted by GOBB
I think when salaries go up in D League, get structured better than we might see some try it. I dont know what the tv deal impacts outside of nba player salaries. I hope some kind of bump in D league salaries is had. Probably a pipe dream as NCAA is a cheap farm system to a degree for nba.

I totally agree. And I totally see this coming. The problem is I don't think they could quite meet some of the foriegn money without undermining some of the Rookie Scale slotted salaries that already exist.

But rumor has it that we're only about two years away from the NBA pushing even harder for a 20 year old max. And the NCAA is not getting any easier on incoming prospects. Now you put that second season in the mix, and it's actually significantly more work. An eligible player can play the first half of their season without any academic concerns. And only have to make due for that first semester to remain eligible for the second half of the season including the tournament. For the known one and doners, it's pretty well established that a lot of them simply stop attending classes altogether once that first semester has been cleared. Adding a second season means they need to work through that second semester to be elligible first half year two. So 1 year equals 1 semester work, 2 years really equals 3 semesters work. And a lot of these guys just aren't interested in it.

It totally feels to me like adding that second year could lead to a real void in the market. If the D-League isn't going to fill it, I for one could envision a secondary league stepping in to fill the void. Guys like Andrew Wiggins are big business long before getting to the NBA. And while they may not draw the casual fan, if there were a league that was giving out two year contracts to all the top prospects coming out of HS, combined with aspiring recent graduates that fell through the cracks, along with whatever other street ball legends or whoever looking to establish themselves, and they were paying a roster say on average 30 million bucks (That's an average of about 2.5 mill a year), then a 10 team league would cost say 400 M to operate, I'd have to wonder what a league like that could generate in TV revenue and arena revenue.

I know that if Wiggins were playing for the Springfield Armory or whoever they are in the D-League I'da gone up there to see him and paid good money. And I'd wonder if it were another league, not the D-League, if some other local networks would be willing to subsidize the league to put themselves in the hoops business. Or could NBA TV use the D-League to create this scenario and increase their add revenue by airing more of these games and really rounding out the league rather than re-airing Dennis Scott saying the same thing 75 times a night. I personally can't believe the money wouldn't be there to make something like this profitable. They're already in the Andrew Wiggins business. And sure the NCAA is a free development arena for them. But you know what's better than a free development arena, a profitable one. With the cottage industry around prospects these days I can't imagine they can't swing a lucrative deal for two years until they become eligible, and still make a profit televising and selling these games. The summer league sure seems profitable based on it's television ratings and it was sold out in Vegas every day.
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