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Old 09-07-2007, 12:37 AM   #151
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Default Re: Melo vs Dirk

Originally Posted by Diesel J
Dirk is a better shooter than Melo while Melo has more diversity in his offensive attack.If you put short defenders on Melo in the post like the Warriors did with Dirk,Melo would light them up.Dirks biggest advantage is on the perimeter facing up where he can out quick big slow guys.

That's true, which is why it seems that long, quick sfs give him trouble. He pretty much has to rely on his jumpshot. And those guys pretty much can just get into his chest and effect his jumper, and still be quick enough not to get beaten off of Dirk's slow dribble. The crap about Dirk being guarded heavier than pretty much anybody else, especially Melo (who again, until this year didn't come close to having Dirk like teammates) is just that, crap.
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Default Re: Melo vs Dirk

Yeah, all of that sounds good in theory Fab, until the experiment that is watching a game cancels it out.

Small guys shouldn't be able to guard Dirk in the post, too bad he doesn't like to go down there and when he does...well he doesn't know what to do. Except take another jumpshot.

Then why is he doubled and tripled so much down there? Your statement doesn't make sense. If Dirk can't post up teams wouldn't double and triple dirk so agressively down ther eot leave the Mavs shooters open. If the Mavs shooters hit their shots they woudln't be able to double and triple Dirk. Bill russell wrote a big article aobut it -- how Dirk was being doubled and tripled
so agressivley.
"The Importance Of Passing

Dallas has to do a better job of getting its big shooter, Dirk Nowitzki, isolated. When the Warriors double and triple team him, guys have to go to specific spots so he doesn’t have to worry about where he is going to pass after he gets the ball."

But in reality, sure Dirk creates mismatches, but fact is those guys that I've named have all effectively guarded Dirk one on one for much of games. Teams may send a trap when he's in the post, though not always. Their long arms effect his jumpshot enough to not let him go off.

Not according to Bill Russell. He says it's the responsiblity of his coach to fix their problem.

Again. Dirk was doubled and triple more agressivley than Boozer. Period.

What's funny are the lies you make up about the Mavs not having shooters from the few times Dirk plays in the post and gets doubled. They have atleast 3 guys on the court that can catch and the GS series when Dirk was the center they had 4. And surprisingly...a lot of guys made shots and had good series for the Mavs.

go look at the Mavs run to the Finals (against injured teams). The Mavs were one of the worst 3 point shooting teams in the playoffs. And they were just as bad last season. Again. You couldn't be more wrong. Dirk is the onyl consistent perimter shooter and Avery has to use him to post up because no one else can create offense on the Mavs.

What's even funnier are you Mavs fans saying Melo doesn't create mismatches. AS if you have any idea. Just because he's not 7 feet tall doesn't mean he doesn't create mismatches. He creates mismatches with his superior versatility and skills.

Dirk is FAR MORE versatile relative to his position than Melo. If Anything Melo is limited compared to other great small forwards. he's slow and bloated. He;s like Barkley. Too small to be a dominant power big player or defend big players and too slow to dominate small forwards with quickness. He's the complete opposite of Dirk.

He can score in every way on the court... He's got handles Dirk only wishes he had and can blow by anybody with his great first step (often needing guys to step up and help, thus drawing extra coverage).


He's got elite post skills,


and no small forward/shooting guard can guard him down there, hell he may draw triple teams down there. Where ever he gets the ball, he's gonna get defenses out of position as help will be needed. But pretty much the fact that he does consistently demand extra help in the post and knows how to pass it out and hit the open man, is a bonus over Dirk (not saying Dirk can't, but he simply doesn't post up as much). Melo allows his team an inside out focal point offensively.

7 feet or not, he's not a better offensive player than Melo... nor is he more versatile/

Yet he still couldn't get anything done even with a really strong frontline and AI.
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Default Re: Melo vs Dirk

What youa ren't getting though is that Dirk is more dominant at his psotion tha Melo is at his.

If Dirk was guarded by power forwards he would be the best scorer in this league. If Dirk was guarded b power forwards he would score over 30 points per game easy. You would see how truly domiantn Dirk is. Because thwe way teams defend dirk is spreads his scoring out all along his team.

You hear coaches say Dirk is the most unstoppable mismacth in the NBA.. I have NEVER heard anyone remotely say anything like that about Melo.

You can defend Melo with SF -- his position and Dirk scores as much as him with small forwards on Dirk. -- not his true defender. So while Dirk is scoring as much as melo while being double teamed and guarded by smaller players it forces bigs to defend smaller player somewhere else. This adds even more points to Dirk's total. Plus Dirk is a better rebounder than Melo. Plus Melo hasn't done jack in the NBA.

Plus Dirk ahs won 70 game sin a seaosn and led a team to the Finals. Melo has done less with more help.

Dirk has OVER acheived with his team while Melo has underacheived. That says it all.
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Old 09-07-2007, 03:38 AM   #154
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Default Re: Melo vs Dirk

Originally Posted by FabCasablancas
this comment doesn't even make sense.

If Dirk was soft then he wouldn't be guarded more agressivley than Boozer. This proves that Boozer is soft or he has a better tema and coahc tkaing pressur eoff him in the playoffs.

Ya there goin to take it easy on Boozer, ur jus mad cuz I called Dirk a softy on the post.

Also ur comment doesn't make sense is "a better tema and coahc tkaing pressur eoff" suppose to mean?
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Old 09-07-2007, 10:30 AM   #155
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Default Re: Melo vs Dirk

Originally Posted by Da KO King
Valid, but a bit of an overstatement. How many high post swingmen are in the A? How many are also excellent low post players? How many have the size that would require opposing teams at least attempt to put a true PF on them if they played the PF spot themselves? How many are very good rebounders on both side of the floor?

This is where me and most people come into a problem. I view Dirk Nowitzki as a PF in title only.

Most of his touches start primarily from either the high post or wing. Most of those touches DON'T end in the paint. To me Dirk is simply an extremely tall SF.
excellent points, king, though since we're talking about 3's who could emulate dirk not 3s who could emulate melo i think you might not have listed the right skillset. you did do a nice job of showing how unique anthony's game is, which is really your whole point anyway.
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