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Default The Saga of Brook and Robin.


in case you missed it, the suns have basically switched the rotation between channing frye and robin lopez. frye was getting as many as 42 minutes a game, and now he's down to 17 minutes over his last four games. meanwhile, robin had averaged only 11 minutes up until recently, and now in the last four games he's averaging:

minutes- 29, shooting- 71%, FTA's- 5, reb's- 5.5, blocks- 3.25, points- 16.

not bad, huh?

the interesting thing to me is how phoenix fans have reacted, which overall is basically not as impressed and optimistic as one might think. at least going by results i've gotten so far.

so if i manage to find the time and inspiration, i want to explore this situation more (ie, talk to more fans) and keep tracking robin. since the suns area here is kind of dead, i'm thinking of hitting up the phxsuns-net and real-gm crowd at some point.


biggest question right now- will the coaches select him as an all-star reserve? last time i checked, the fan voting was like this:
Dwight Howard (Orl) 625,279
Shaquille O'Neal (Cle) 206,657
Andrea Bargnani (Tor) 67,310
Al Horford (Atl) 52,747
Andrew Bogut (Mil) 45,920
Brook Lopez (NJ) 39,420
there's also david lee to consider, too.

final item: i've been browsing draft express lately and just discovered that the report on brook is about ten times longer than the average entry... chock full of good info. it dates from march, and who knows... might be greatly re-written at some point. so if you haven't seen it already, you might want to take a look or save the text off as a file:

bonus link- brook, robin and kiki all seem to get their yoga fix from this guy:

(just some fun pics with a lot of familiar faces)

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Default Re: The Saga of Brook and Robin.

did a little research this morning at the places mentioned above (along with arizonasportsfans-net) and a couple things stand out:

- there are still a lot of unknowns about robin. not just among the fans, but probably among his coaches, too. to wit, ask five different people about him and you'll get five different answers, 3-4 of them sounding pretty reasonable.

"he hurts the suns offense"

"he provides some needed post help to a group of shooters"

"his defense is not enough to make a difference"

"he's been playing tough and smart recently, and provides a commodity in his shot-blocking"


- seems to me like the channing frye - robin lopez juggling is going to go on the rest of the season based on matchups. this might not be the ideal situation that robin might hope for in terms of starter's minutes, but will be a better chance to show what he's capable of (11 mpg up until now).

- the thing that stood out the most to me from the scouting reports is how much better of a shooter brook is, with the nod going to robin for his hustle and intensity.

- both brothers seem limited when backing down from the low post, in that they're never going to be as quick and powerful as some other big men. so far their moves often look mechanical and borderline slow, and neither one is ever going to be an olajuwon, clearly. but they're both very intelligent, with good attitudes, so their upside still appears pretty good. by comparison, the collins twins also had NBA impact, but their poor ability to rebound, shoot and block shots kind of doomed them. the lopez brothers are far more advanced in these areas.
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Default Re: The Saga of Brook and Robin.

Robin fan huh???
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Default Re: The Saga of Brook and Robin.

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
Robin fan huh???
i find the whole twin situation interesting. history is full of examples of one twin excelling and the other one fading into the woodwork. so looking at the factors that caused that is kind of fascinating.

also, as we know, thorn did not expect brook to be around at #10. apparently the plan was to draft robin all along. so robin was very nearly our center for the future. just makes one think...

anyway, he played two more games now and averaged:

minutes- 26
shooting- 70%
FT's- 6 attempts per game, averaging 91%
rebounds- 6
blocks- .5
points- 12.5

better in most areas except for blocks. still pretty nice overall. and people are still talking about him as having the greater potential than brook, too. including brook.

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