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Old 08-18-2007, 12:13 PM   #1
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Default Martin! the series

Every so often a thread about favorite TV shows comes up. Of all the threads I have seen, I've never seen the series Martin listed.

Martin was one of the best series of the 1990's. His gal Gina and fine ass Pam. His two best friends jobless Tommy and stupid Cole. And who could forget all the characters the main star Martin Lawrence played. Besides the "Insane Martin Payne" he played:

-Momma Payne
-Martin's neighboor Sheneneh Jenkins
-Jerome the pimp
-Otis the security guard
-Roscoe the little kid
-Dragonfly Jones
-White Bob
-Elroy the Mechanic
-and everyone's favorite "KING BEEF"

And the show had a host of other crazy characters also.

-Hustle Man
-Bro' Man from the fif flo
-Martin's boss Stan


Give it up for one of the funniest sitcoms ever made, MARTIN!
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Default Re: Martin! the series

yeah, that was a funny show. i was watching Wild Hogs the other night and realized that the woman playing his wife is the one he hated in that show (gina's best friend).
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Default Re: Martin! the series

Never saw it.

What channel is airing the re runs?
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Old 08-18-2007, 05:09 PM   #4
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Default Re: Martin! the series

was it Martin or In Living Color where they are playing football with the Thanksgiving Day turkey and spike it on the ground like a football?
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Default Re: Martin! the series

Originally Posted by Cannonball
Never saw it.

What channel is airing the re runs?

TV1, Channel 241 on Directv.
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Old 08-18-2007, 06:09 PM   #6
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Default Re: Martin! the series

That show was hilarious, I wish I could see the reruns but I don't have DirectTV, although I do think its on DVD.

It was always funny how all of them would be in Martin's apartment and when everybody eventually started cracking on him he'd throw them out haha.

Martin played a ton of characters on the show but my favourite one was Jerome the pimp.
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Default Re: Martin! the series

During the final season, Tisha Campbell filed charges against Martin Lawrence claiming he sexually harassed and sexually battered her. She left the series for eight episodes. She later returned when the case was settled out of court. From then on, Lawrence and Campbell filmed their scenes at different times and their characters no longer appeared together in the same scene.

During the last two seasons of the show, Lawrence began abusing drugs, the effects of which very obviously affected his performance on the show, and he suffered numerous psychological effects as a result.[citation needed] Campbell sued Lawrence for sexual harassment, alleging that Lawrence acted inappropriately while he and Campbell taped scenes of Martin and Gina sharing a bed.

The episode in which the alleged harassment took place was 'Back in Trouble Again' (Season 5, Episode 2). It was the last bed scene between Campbell and Lawrence. During the end of the episode, there was a gag reel of outtakes of the two under the covers and they both seem to be joking around. This supports some of the doubts of the allegations.

Other allegations were that Lawrence threatened the cast with a firearm. Campbell also alleged that Lawrence would have outbursts during tapings. Campbell claimed that she feared for her life and that she began to install locks on her dressing room. She also claims she had spoken with the shows producers about installing a 'panic' button in her dressing room. None of the other cast members have made claims about how their work environment was.

Campbell's appearances in the show dwindled, often sharing screen-time only with co-star, Tichina Arnold, or in a split-screen with Martin, or not at all. She did not (and would not) appear in any scenes with Lawrence, save for a split-screen scene taped on separate sets. Campbell's disappearance from the show caused Martin to "jump the shark" in the eyes of many viewers: the show's ratings and popularity dropped. Despite Lawrence's problems, FOX showed interest in bringing back the show for a sixth season but Lawrence skipped out on a meeting to discuss (reported in the Hollywood blurb on the Atlanta-Journal Constitution in 1997.) As result, Living Single was brought back as a mid-season replacement. Meanwhile, FOX waited until things settled between Lawrence and Campbell. Lawrence even had suggested who would take over the role of Gina. Lawrence then made the decision to end the show and FOX agreed.[citation needed] To this day, Lawrence and Campbell are still personally feuding, although Campbell stated in a radio interview that she is still very grateful to Lawrence for giving her an opportunity to be a part of his show.

Some speculate that there had been a rift between Lawrence and Campbell due to Lawrence ignoring her ideas for the show. Others believe it was a ploy for Campbell to get out of her contract with the show.

It was also speculated that Martin Lawrence had plans to cast Regina King to take the role as Gina so that the show could continue.

Following the conclusion of the series, the stars went on to have successful careers. Lawrence has starred in several high-grossing comedy movies and Campbell recently starred on the sitcom My Wife and Kids with Damon Wayans. Ford and Payne continued acting in film, television, and theater while Arnold continued in film and television, recently becoming a main cast member of Chris Rock's semi-autobiographical CW sitcom Everybody Hates Chris.
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Default Re: Martin! the series

Originally Posted by Cannonball
Never saw it.

What channel is airing the re runs?

After reading a few of your replies in other topics this does not surprise me one bit.
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