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Old 10-13-2006, 11:39 AM   #1
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Default Roster thoughts

With Yao's continued toe problems, I doubt the Rockets really want to enter the season with Hayes starting at Center. Good hustler, excellent rebounder, but not someone to strike fear in starting NBA centers on either end of the floor.

I am not saying I would make these trades, but they fit both teams needs, comply with trade restrictions, and are OK under the salary cap rules.

Miami needs pg help and has excess centers/PFs so

Luther Head for Wayne Simien--This is a tough trade, but one that might get done. Favors Miami slightly, but fits position needs for both teams.

V Span and Ryan Bowen for Michael Doleac--a backup center who won't need PF minutes and could play major minutes as a stop-gap measure when Yao can't go for a wasted salary at SF and great potential at guard. Interesting, but if no better chances come along.

Denver also has guard needs and way too much $$ in PF/Cs.

Juwan Howard, Luther Head, Ryan Bowen, and Bob Sura for Kenyon Martin--definitely not a trade I would make because I am not a KMart fan or a fan of huge long-term contracts for guys with attitude/effort problems, but it fits both teams and takes away no minutes the Rockets don't have the people to fill. If KMart had the energy of Hayes, this would be a real steal..IF......

Juwan Howard, Luther Head, and Ryan Bowen for Marcus Camby--Now, here is a trade made for the Rockets, but Denver would likely counter with the KMart trade or something like it.

I know some of you will want to trade for Nene or include some of the guys the Rockets just acquired, but TRs won't allow it until mid-December.
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I think the Kenyon Martin and Marcus Camby ideas are far too unrealistic to even consider. The other 2 deals are plausible, but not likely, in my opinion.

What sucks is that the Rockets don't have too many players with rock solid trade value because they are one or more of the following:

A) untouchable
B) untalented
C) unproven
D) overpaid

The only player on the roster that really doesn't fall into one or more of those categories is Luther Head. However, I just read that Van Gundy would like to extend both Luther Head and Kirk Snyder's rookie contracts through 2007/2008. So it doesn't seem like either of those guys is being shipped anytime soon.

Right now the only way I see us picking up a big man is to trade a pick and some cash, but that's probably not going to net us much. Some guys I can think of are...

Cliff Robinson (I'd actually love to have this guy)
Jake Voskuhl (ehh...size, hustle and smart play. might be solid enough)
Scot Pollard (just signed with Cleveland, so his availability is probably low)
Calvin Booth (ugly as hell, but this is no beauty pageant. can block some shots)

Of course, there's always the 4.2 mil trade exception that could be traded for someone, but that's likely to happen closer to the trade deadline. Bob Sura may also retire, taking his contract off the books and creating about a 2 million dollar trade exception. The catch is that the exception expires after a certain amount of time so if the Rockets want to have it at their disposal come next off-season, they'll want to wait until late in the season to declare that Bob isn't going to return.

So yeah, the options are kind of limited. Also, I didn't mention it before but I seriously doubt that either John Lucas or Vassilis Spanoulis get moved. That would only cause another hole to spring at the PG position while we plug the PF/C position.
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The Juwan Howard, Luther Head, Ryan Bowen, and Bob Sura for Kenyon Martin
i love that trade KMart would add some energy to the team
But i dont know how well Bonzi and KMart would get along

The Juwan Howard, Luther Head, and Ryan Bowen for Marcus Camby
This is also a good trade for us but Camby is a Center he cant play PF and im sure Camby would not want to come off the bench for Yao
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