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Tarik One
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Default Re: John Paxson appreciation post

This probably didn't factor into his decision, but with the exception of Elton Brand (#1 pick), the Bulls have a decade-long history of drafting low-post players who don't pan out.
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Default Re: John Paxson appreciation post

Yeah, MJ = greatest player of all time... but Paxson is clearly better at building a basketball team. And I'm sure Steve Kerr will be better as well.
I don't think so. reading his articles tells me that Kerr has a very poor feel for what players are more valuable than others. and hearing some of the trade ideas he's considered isn't helping anything. I bet Kerr screws up royally. which is a shame because he's great at analyzing how the game's played... just can't analyze players, and you need to do that to be a good GM.
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Default Re: John Paxson appreciation post

Neone talkin bullchit about Paxson getting rid of curry and chandler need to give it a rest. I dont think Chandler was going to have the season he had in New Orleans w/ Chicago. With the hornets he can roam free and doesnt have ne where near as much defensive responsibility. He would still be gettting in mad foul trouble if he was on the bulls. I mean yea i think having him would be for the better in like 3 years when Bwallace is too old, but it's nice having an experienced guy to teach younger players things about winning. I mean you really can't blame Pax for going after Big Ben, even if he overpayed. He took the 4 time defensive player of the year from a division rival, and though the pistons beat the bulls in the playoffs, Detroit went from 64 wins 2 years ago to 53 wins, and they lost to Cleveland this year as oppose to beating them last year. Bulls improved in the win category and swept the defending champs in the first round to win their first playoff series since jordan. AS FOR CURRY, yea the Bulls would love his low post scoring and it would help take pressure of perimeter shooting immensely, but he plays absolutely no defense. I mean you can't give a guy guaranteed millions, upon millions to be a franchise cornerstone when you dont't a clue what is wrong with his heart after 5 months of testing by renouned doctors nation wide. Pax was willing to give him the money, but the contract he offered would've given Curry his money later on to make sure that his heart was okay. It was a tough decision and it's one of those freak accidents, or should i say freak situations you can never count on happening. Pax rules, bulls in 08!
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Post Re: John Paxson appreciation post

The problem with Chandler was that he couldn't catch the ball in the post with his small hands, and he couldn't stay out of foul trouble. He had great 48 minute numbers, but he could only stay on the floor for 20 minutes. TT had the same problem last season, but he was a rookie - that is something he can work on, especially with Ben Wallace on board. I don't ever think he will average 20 points/game unless he can develop a consistent 15-18 foot jumper.

I wasn't too happy with Paxson trading for TT last summer, but once the games started I changed my stance. Watching him play is very exciting, and I hope that Noah can contribute as much as TT did last year.
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