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Default Re: LeBron James is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys

Originally Posted by hito da god
i've been to ohio twice for basketball tournaments... both were at OSU but i got out and around the area. not much different from pennsylvania, michigan, or any other states in the midwestern part of the country.
Ohio State is in Columbus... a former farm town turned giant college campus. Akron and Columbus are nothing alike. Cleveland, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Dayton, and Akron are real cities with a real urban feel... something Columbus doesn't have. Hell... Columbus barely has a downtown. It is a college campus surrounded by suburbia.

By visiting OSU, you did not get a real flavor of the state. I've driven across country and have spent plenty of time in different states. As far as diversity goes, Ohio is right at the top. You can go from what seems like endless rural farm area into very urban centers with a relatively short drive.

Considering the size of the state, it has a very large, diverse population. Really, not much like Michigan at all. Michigan has a more 'Canadian' feel. Ohio is NOTHING like Pennsylvania. PA is Pittsburgh and Philadelphia with NOTHING in between.

Ohio has several large cities with a lot of smaller urban cities in between:
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Youngstown, Akron, Dayton, Toledo, Steubenville, Massillon, Canton, etc.

Originally Posted by YAWN
i once was denied a library card in akron
i once saw a homeless man get paid $20 to light his beard on fire in downtown cleveland
i once hooked up with a girl in a parking lot in columbus
i once drunkingly walked from covington, ky to a hotel in downtown cincy

sorry your listing of cities elicited some random facts.
I think everyone that has ever visited Columbus has hooked up with a girl in some random parking lot. It is a rite of passage. Lots of drunk, horny college girls...

Originally Posted by YAWN
i on topic, did you expect him to root for the browns, indians, and cavs
LeBron can root for whomever he wants. I do find it kind of funny what a front-runner he is. I don't really care, though. There are a lot of people like that around.

I do, however, think it is a bit immature to show up at games and actively root for the opposing team. He doesn't just quietly cheer for his favorite team... He seems to like throwing it in the faces of the people of Cleveland/Ohio. Holding up the Yankees hat at the playoff game... Hitting up TO on the sidelines last week...

I just don't really think it is the right course of action to treat a fanbase that adores you in such a way. Braylon Edwards, a Michigan grad, has made a concerted effort to endear himself to fans in Ohio. He doesn't flaunt the fact that he went to Michigan (which is akin to being a terrorist to Ohioans).

I guess that is the difference between being college educated and having everything handed to you at 17.

LeBron is still a little immature in certain aspects, which is understandable, I guess.

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Default Re: LeBron James is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys

Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
Yankees and Cowboys fan? What a pattern.

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Default Re: LeBron James is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys

Originally Posted by Lebron23
A Lakers or Rockets fan will die in this thread.

Anyway I was never a fan of the Rams when they where in L.A. I was always a Cowboys fan.

I did become a Raiders fan when they moved to L.A. (while I still cheered for the Cowboys) the Raiders turned into my home team. When they moved back to Oakland I stopped cheering for them.

Have always been a Dodgers fan as well.
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