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Old 09-30-2006, 10:32 PM   #1
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Default Your thought.

I have been having a conversation with another Cavs fan I figured we should have an opeen forum qabout your thoughts about anything Cavs.

I think Ferry has done a good job. Not great but not horrible. Team is skilled but not matching peices. We had a great post season and Ferry decided he wanted to see how this team does with a eason of experience under its belt. Should be a intresting and hopefully good season.
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Ferry has done a fine job. I think a lot of people expect him or want him to make some big blockbuster trade, when that is very unlikely to happen now, and it's a bit unneccesary. We pushed Detroit to 7 games in the second round, and that was with Hughes being not near 100% and very rusty, and with Z and Drew playing like bums for most of the playoffs. We played GREAT defense overall in that series. Very impressive. That's something we really want to build on. Ferry has done well with what the market has given him. Free Agency has been a little weak the last couple years, and yet he still has done well in fixing it up to add talent around Lebron. I wanted Ray Allen or Mike Redd, but it was all about the money for them getting that extra year from their original team. Anyways, I think with this squad we have now, with the chemistry we've built, and adding Pollard and Wesley and the rooks Brown and Gibson, (I think Brown can contribute right away), overall we have a damn good chance to making it to the finals, health permitting. Plus, Lebron will be even more of a beast! Let's go Cavs!!
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Old 10-13-2006, 03:15 PM   #3
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i think ferry has done well overall. i might have made a few different moves but nothing radical. the only deal i really have a problem with is larry's deal. too much money for someone so fragile, especially at the position where there's a new stud every 2 years. then again if it's finals time and we have to deal with kobe or ginobli or mcgrady on the wing i'll be glad for a healthy larry hughes. if that person exists.

other than that i think the marshall deal was a good one, d jones beat washington and earned his check, and z was a no brainer. gooden is one of those guys that could really make the cavs into something so i'm glad they kept him. we know we have andy progressing nicely and you can see that he has rodman in him like no one since. but drew is at that age where's he no kid anymore and his body is starting to wear down. so will his head come around to pick up the slack? drew can shoot, jump, rebound, play d, run, pass, dunk, just about do everything when he is paying attention. so if he matures into a beastly running big (like amare) then the cavs will become lethal (with the addition of a more talented point).

so ferry did ok. paxson was a disaster in most ways so compared to that ferry is a huge step up. all the marketing and rebranding and lebroning of the team and the market also helps make ferry's job easier.
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Originally Posted by AKADS
We had a great post season and Ferry decided he wanted to see how this team does with a eason of experience under its belt.

This is the reason why Ferry won my approval. I mean the guy has put together a very good team despite what non-Cavs fans say. Most people who only follow LeBron and not the rest of the team will say he doesn't have a good supporting cast but that's not true at all, in fact he has a pretty good squad behind him. It's like when people say Jordan was a one man team because they didnt know about the other 2 HOF'ers on his team (not saying the Cavs have any but you know what i'm saying)

I love that Ferry is letting this team grow. Cleveland sports, not even just the Cavs, but Cleveland sports in general ALWAYS get greedy. We get a team that does decent, but rather than letting them go from decent to good, we completely blow the team up in an attempt to get a team that can jump STRAIGHT to good and it always blows up in our faces. So i like that Ferry went against the wishes of most fans and kept everyone together. It'll pay off in the end.
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