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Default Re: Pippen vs Lebron Comparison

Originally Posted by j3lademaster
Lebron's D seems a little bit overrated to me. He's good at guarding the super athletic combo guards of today so it creates the illusion that he's better than he actually is in man-to-man defense. Guys with real inside/outside scoring skillsets like Kobe, Durant, Melo do fine scoring on him. Good defender, but not "elite" defending 1-4, and certainly a good margin worse than Pippen. His roaming/ help D is comparable, though.

Lebron's a much better scorer than Pippen. How much better? Pippen's best was 22ppg and only averaged 20+ for 4 seasons. Only one of those 4 seasons scoring 20+ with 50%+ shooting. Lebron averages 27.6 for his career and has shot well over 50% for the past 4 seasons. Lebron also slides into the 4 more naturally, since he's already built like one. They're evenly skilled in post scoring but Lebron is more effective.

Hmm, wow the only thing they really have in common is that they're both point forwards with good help d.

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Default Re: Pippen vs Lebron Comparison

Originally Posted by ripthekik
Reading this quote by Malone, it just reminds me so much of Lebron.

Forget about Magic or Jordan, isn't Pippen the closest player to Lebron? Do it all, defensive player, rebounds, etc.

Pippen and LeBron do have a very similar skill set. Both great "all around" complete players and versatile team defenders. They're both jack of all trades. But Pippen was a much better defender than LeBron is. IMO, he's the best perimeter defender of all time. On ball, playing the lanes, defending the post, coming from the weak side, chase down blocks, full court pressure on PGs... he did it all, consistently. Scottie impacted the game defensively like a Big Man (Lead the League in DRT...Only SF to do so in the NBA and also in the playoffs)

Lot of people seem to just think of Scottie as just Jordan's sidekick when he was so much more. 6'8" with a 7'2" wingspan, but he pretty much played PG offensively, a great finisher, excellent basketball IQ, deadly in transition, good post up player (he could actually score in more ways than LeBron because he could play in the post), capable 3 point shooter, he could rebound as well as some power forwards and one of the rare perimeter players who could impact a game defensively like an elite defensive big man.

Some say he wasn't a true franchise player because he couldn't score enough, yet I'd take 20-22 ppg from Scottie along with his playmaking, defense, rebounding and leadership over the extra 5 ppg and inferior all around game from many of the flashier perimeter players.
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