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Pittsnogle has been awful in the Summer League so I've heard... Just a big jumpshooter (without a falling shot) with no interior skills.
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Seems Rashed Anderson and Taquan Dean just shot themselves out of a training camp invite during the summer leagues. Both look like they are headed to Europe. While Corey Belser has played his way into somebodies camp(Dallas just traded Powell and Marshall to Indy, does that mean Mensah-Bensu and Belser are keepers in the big D)?
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Jon Kreft can't play in the NBA. He has to go through the draft first and well..........he isn't eligible for the draft yet.

He'll probably go to junior college.
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Originally Posted by shane10
The 2nd round made me sick. All the GM's did was draft international players to stash them overseas. This screwed the college players over who are ready and dying to play in the NBA right now. Over half of the international players wont come over, ever. The NBA needs to make a rule stating that international players who want to play in the NBA must show teams they are trying out for their overseas contract status, and a buy-out price if they are under contract overseas. If they enter the draft they must be ready to come over to the NBA that season. If they have rules on American players, then they should have the same rules on international players. They also need to make sure if they can only enter their name in the draft twice, because Tiago Splitter has entered his name for the last two years before pulling out both times. If they don't change these rules, then they should cancel the 2nd round. The way the NBA judges talent is by potential, athleticism, and size. They should base it on statistics (esp. FG%), fundamentals, and shooting. They also should look at the conferences or the leagues the players played in. Mike Gansey (biggest screw-job), Kevin Pittsnogle, and Chris Quinn played for the best conference in America and posted great stats, but they didn't get drafted. If Pittsnogle was international he would be a top 10 pick. He shoots better than anyone at that size, besides maybe Dirk and can come off screens and shoot. He also rebounds better than most international players, which isn't saying much, because he averaged around 5.5 rpg. Other players who went undrafted from big conferences are Curtis Stinson, Daniel Horton, Matt Haryasz, Eric Williams, Allan Ray, Marco Killingsworth, Erick Hicks, Rashad Anderson, Thomas Gardner,Taquan Dean, Gerry McNamara, Nick Caner-Medley, Brad Buckman, and Taj Gray. Undrafted players from smaller conferences included Justin Williams, Steven Smith, Darius Washington (left too early),Kenny Adeleke, and Jose Juan Barea. Most of these guys should have been drafted. I don't think size makes a big difference (wing-span is more important), and potential is a dirty word that rarely is fulfilled. The NBA also relies on individual workouts way too much, when they should just watch college basketball and see who performs on the biggest stage in a team game. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind international players, but I want them to be ready to contribute right away. The one's who are ready to contribute are the one's playing in the adult leagues (mostly over 21) and not the junior leagues (18 and under), and putting up good stats in the adult leagues. You can tell who is good by watching tape on certain players at the NBA draft. Most college players are ready to contribute right away. I want a baller who can ball now!

Great stats are not everything. There players that have had subpar college stats and they developed into NBA good players and scored way more points than they did in college. There are tonnes of college players that filled the stat sheet but could not make the jump to a career in the NBA.

I saw Pittsnogle drain some exciting long shots in the NCAA tournies but he cannot dribble and not a great rebounded. His defense is suspect.

I like Gansey alot. His IQ, his effort and passion but in the back of my mind I don't see him being a significant player in the NBA.

Everyone keeps talking about Allen Ray not being drafted. I am not surprised he was passed over. He is 6'2 which is small for a shooting guard and not considered good enough to handle the PG position. We will see what he can do in Boston.
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justin williams and steven smith are the 2 best players undrafted IMO. Justin williams is theo ratliff 2 without the injuries and steven smith is david west 2.

Allen Ray went where i expected him to go, which was undrafted due to his inability to make big shots. He lacks "the fire in the belly" as some would say. (this is why the perfect NBA body and shot fell a little, see rudy gay). Allen ray plays defense OK, but fell apart in the tournament the last 2 years. Dont quote me on this, but im guessing his career shooting % in the tournament is below 30% and 3-pt % is below 20%. I would not want this player on my team even if he has a good release on his shot, however as an undrafted player i would give him a work out. In addition to all that, he lacks a position to play in the NBA at 6'3''. He cant play the point for obvious reasons which are his passing and ball handling which are well below average, and hes too short and inathletic to play the 2.

call me crazy, but allen ray belongs overseas, or a career signed-released player.
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I have a soft spot for Justin Gray. This guy can score the ball, and he is a lights out shooter. I'm surprised he didn't get drafted, because it seemed like he was making the transition to point guard slowly but steadily in his senior year. Maybe still not a good enough point guard for the NBA, but he was doing his work on it. He wasn't that much farther off in his point guard skills than a guy like Daniel Gibson, who did get drafted, in my opinion. I'm calling that he is going to be a player like Sarunas (Jasekivicious) and go to Europe, work on becoming a point guard, then come back to be signed by the NBA and absolutely tear it up. Mark my words. LoLcano.
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how the hell allen ray didnt get drafted. im still tryin to figure that out.
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Red=Most likely NBA Rookie Free Agents
Indigo=Most likely D-League Allocations
Blue=Most likely Going Overseas
Black=Most likely CBA Draft Picks
Green=Most likely ABA Free Agents

Point Guards : Ranked 1-50

1. Darius Washington, Memphis
2. Gerry McNamara Syracuse - signed partially guranteed deal with the Magic
3. Jose J.Barea Northeastern
6. Daniel Horton, Michigan- Signed partially guranteed deal with Heat
9. Chris Quinn, Notre Dame - signed partially guranteed deal with the Heat
10.Pooh Jeter, Portland - signed partially guranteed deal with the Kings

4. Curtis Stinson Iowa St.
8. Sean Dockery, Duke
14.Bryan Hopkins, SMU
16.Jeremy Kelly, Tenn-Martin
34.Jermaine Anderson, Fordham

5. Terrell Everett, Oklahoma - signed with ES Chalon-Sur-Saone
7. Keydren Clark, St.Peters - signed with Egaleo AO
11.C.J. Watson, Tennessee - signed with Bipop-Carire Reggio Emilia
12.Justin Gray, Wake Forest - signed with Verviers-Pepinster
15.Chris Hernandez, Stanford - signed with CB Granada
17.Carl Krauser, Pittsburgh - signed with EWW Baskets Oldenburg
18.Tim Smith, East Tennessee State
20.Ja'Kel Foster, Ohio State - signed with EnBW Luwigsburg
21.Ben Jacobson, Northern Iowa
22.Andre Collins, Loyola-Md - signed with Carife Ferrara
23.Louis Hinnant, Boston College - signed with the Sunddsvall Dragons
24.Darrel Mitchell, LSU - signed with Galatasaray Cafecrown Istanbul
25.Tony Skinn, George Mason - signed with Chorate de Ronane Basket
26.Ashanti Cook, Georgetown - signed with Braunschweig
28.Walker Russell, Jacksonville
29.Marcett McDonald, UAB
31.Brion Rush, Grambling - signed with Aurora Jesi
32.Donald Copeland, Seton Hall
33.Dwayne Lee, St.Joesph - signed with Sellbytel Basket-Nuernberg
35.Shawan Robinson, Clemson
38.John Goldsberry, UNC-Wilmington - signed with Bayer Gaints Leverkusen
45.Bobby Dixon, Troy State

13.Steve Burtt, Iona
19.Robert Hite, Miami
27.Ricky Soliver, Iona
30.Marshall Strickland, Indiana
36.Terrence Todd, Fairfield
41.Elton Nesbitt, Georgia Southern
42.Obie Trotter, Alabama A&M
43.Brandon Worthy, Loyola-Marymount
44.Armando Surratt, San Francisco
46.Virgil Matthews, Montana

37.Matt Witt, Eastern Kentucky
39.Caldwell Johnson, UAB
40.Dawan Robinson, Rhode Island
47.Johnny Mathies, Creighton
48.Jason Wingate, Manhattan
49.Jason McLeish, Eastern Kentucky
50.Whit Holcomb-Faye, Radford

Off Guards : Ranked 1-50

1. Allen Ray, Villanova - signed a two year deal with the Celtics
2. Dwayne Mitchell, La-Lafayette
3. Mike Gansey, West Va.-signed two year deal with Miami Heat
4. Vincent Grier, Minnesota - signed partially guranteed deal with the Miami Heat
8. Terence Kinsey, South Carolina - signed partially guranteed deal with the Grizzlies

11.Cameron Bennerman, NC State
21.Maurice Hargrow, Minnesota
24.Kevin Hamilton, Holy Cross
26.Nile Murray, TCU
32.Trent Strickland, Wake Forest
34.Jonathon Modica, Arkansas
38.Mark Walters, New Mexico
42.Cedric Bozeman, UCLA
48.Tashaun Forehan-Kelly, Pepperdine

5. Thomas Gardner, Missouri - signed with Verviers-Pepinster
6. Taquan Dean, Louisville - signed with Angelico Biella
7. Rashad Anderson, UConn - signed with Egaleo AO
9. Nick George, VCU - signed with Benetton Treviso
12.Jeff Horner, Iowa - signed with Euphony Bree
13.Donnie McGrath, Providence College - signed with Vertical Vision Cantu
14.Anthony Winchester, Western Kentucky - signed with Caja Rural Melilla
15.Charles Lee, Bucknell
16.Jarred Nelson, Tennessee-Martin - signed with Bayer Giants Leverkusen
17.Nate Funk, Creighton
18.Chris Rodgers, Arizona
19.Carl Elliot, George Washington
22.Jimmy McKinney, Missouri - signed with Deutsche Bank Skyliners Frankford
23.Bryant McAllister, Duquansue
25.Antoine Jordan, Siena - signed with Basket Livorno
27.Rob Booker, SE Missouri State
28.Airmen Kirkland, Cincinnati
29.Brendan Winters, Davidson - signed with Hermine Nantes Atlantique
31.Darius Havgrove, Va. Union
35.Jason Williams, UTEP
36.Chad Timberlake, Fairleigh Dickenson
37.Jeremy Richardson, Delta State
39.Roderick Middleton, Buffalo - signed with Stade Clarmontois Basket Auvergne
40.Johnny Gray, Pacific - signed with Walter Tigers Tuebingen
43.Patrick Beilein, West Va - signed with Zwolle
47.Loren Stokes, Hofstra

10.Chris McCray, Maryland
20.David Moss, Indiana State
30.Brandon Cole, IUPUI
33.Tayron Thomas, Philadelphia University
41.Kevin Coiswell, Montana
46.Darren Copper, Portland
49.Kyle Myrick, Lincoln
50.Brandon Childs, Moorehouse

44.Jay Youngblood, Kent State
45.Logan White, Dayton

Small Forwards : Ranked 1-45

1. Louis Amundson, UNLV - signed partially guranteed deal with the Kings
6. Corey Belser, San Diego

2. Brandon Bowman, Georgetown
3. Nik Caner-Medley, Maryland
4. Dan Granfield, Stanford
5. Marcus Slaughter, San Diego State
9. Alan Daniels, Lamar
14.Mo Charlo, Neveda
15.Bryant Markson, Utah
16.Travis Niesen, Santa Clara
19.Joah Tucker, Wis-Milwaukee
20.Jermaine Buckner, Richmond
24.Antywane Robinson, Temple
28.Chris Copeland, Colorado

7. Vedrna Vekusic, Northwestern
10.Jasper Johnson, Delta State
11.Ricky Woods, SE La
13.Dan Oppland, Valparaiso
17.Jason Williams, UTEP
18.Gordan Klaiber, Fairleigh Dickinson
21.Clifton Lee, Northwestern State
22.Demario Eddins, UAB
23.Jamaal Brown, Cal-Fullerton - signed with Omniworld Almere
27.Brandon Polk, Butler
29.Itian Evtiniov, North Carolina State
31.Corey Rouse, East Carolina - signed with Sellbytel Baskets Nuernburg
37.Lee Melchioani, Duke -signed with Cimberio Aironi Novara

8. Marcellus Sommerville, Bradley
12.Omar Williams, George Washington
25.Erroll Knight, Gonzaga
26.Ivan Almonte, Fla Int.
30.Luke Anderson, Minnesota State-Manako
36.Rodney Webb, Fla. Atlantic
40.John Smith, Winona State
43.Marvin Moss, Montana State

32.J.Robert Merritt, Samford
33.Judson Stubbs, TCU
34.Larry Owens, Oral Roberts
35.Devon Pearson, Southern Methodist
38.Steven Thomas, Texas-Arlington
39.Jean Felix, Alabama
41.Walt Baxter, Mars Hill
42.Joe Martin, Alabama A&M
44.JT Williams McNeese State
45.Maurice Lathan, Campbell

Power Forward : Ranked 1-50

1. Kenny Adeleka, Hartford
2. Justin Williams, Wyoming - signed partially guranteed deal with the Kings
4. Pops Mensah-Bonsa, George Washington - signed two year deal with the Dallas Mavericks
7. Steven Smith, LaSalle

9. Christian Maraker, Pacific
12.Julian Seasley, Hawaii
20.Kibwe Trim, Sacred Heart
23.Tim Parham, MD-Eastern Shore
28.Kevin Bookout, Oklahoma
41.Matthew Knight, Loyola-Marymount
42.David Chiolti, New Mexico

3. Taj Gray, Oklahoma - signed with Cholet Basket
6. Eric Hicks, Cincinnati - signed with Telindaus BC Oostende
8. Brad Buckman, Texas - signed with Olimpa GE Larisa
10.Chuck Davis, Alabama
11.Greg Brunner, Iowa - signed with Verviers-Pepinster
14.Curtis Withers, Charlotte
15.Brain Thornton, Xavier - signed with the Artland Dragons Quakenbrueck
16.Alex Loughton, Old Dominion
17.Mike Hall, George Washington - signed with Saint-Etienne B.C.
18.Travis Garrison, Maryland
19.Akin Akingbala, Clemson
21.Harding Nana, Delaware
22.Jason Fraser, Villanova
25.John Tofi, UTEP
26.Kevin Young, Missiouri
27.Nate Harris, Utah State- signed with EnBW Ludwigsburg
29.John Bowler, Eastern Michigan - signed with Telekom Baskets Bonn
30.Rod Benson, Cal
31.Nick Lewis, San Diego - signed with Passe Partout Basket Groovt Leuven
32.Julian Terrell, Vanderbilt
33.Chris Ellis, Wake Forest
34.Jon Rogers, Valdosta State
35.Ian Johnson, Davidson - signed with Farho Gijon
36.Matt Kiefer, Purdue - signed with Walter Tigers Tuebingen
37.Thomas Fairley, Lamar
45.Moritz Wohlers, Montana State- Billings - signed with Dafni Athens

5. Mario Killingsworth, Indiana
13.Tedric Hill, Gulf Coast C.C.
24.Jai Lewis George Mason
38.Kelly Whitney, Seton Hall
39.Adrian Uter, Hofstra
40.Edwin Muniz, Rider
43.Jaz Cowan, Hampton
44.Antonio "Slim" Millien, Idaho State
48.Turner Trofholz, South Dakota
50.Thurman Zimmerman, South Carolina State

46.Elgrace Wilbron, Western Kentucky
47.Alan Wiggins, San Francisco
49.Howard Wilkerson, Wofford

Center : Ranked 1-25

1. Kevin Pittsnogle, West Va. - signed a two-year deal with the Celtics
2. Matt Haryasz, Stanford

8. Paul Miller, Wichita State
9. Franz Steyn, Southwest Baptist
10.Mohamed Kone, Valparaiso
12.Kevin Steenberge, Richmond
13.Daniel Kickert, St.Mary's
18.Eric Hansen, Iowa

3. Eric Williams, Wake Forest - signed with Vertical Vison Cantu
4. Yemi Nicholson, Denver - signed with Dexia Mons-Hainaut
5. Michael Southall, La-Lafayette
7. Torin Francis, Notre Dame - signed with Upea Capo D'Orlando
11.Terrence Dial, Ohio State - signed with Entente Orlans 45
14.Wes Wilkinson, Nebraska - signed with Okapi Aalstar
15.Michael Fey, UCLA - signed with Ding Guan New Century
16.Chaz Crawford, Drexel
20.Ian Vouyoukas, St.Louis
21.Pearson Griffin, Murray State
22.Simon Conn, Garnder-Webb

6. JP Batista, Gonzaga
17.Johnathan Kreft, Stoneman Douglas H.S.
19.Bruce Brown, Hampton
23.Alioune Beye, Montana State
24.Gary Hamilton, Miami

25-A.Westley Morgan, Mississippi State
25-B.Chris Ager, Loyola-Marymount

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so much talent on those list
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