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Default Re: This Chart Sums Up How Messed Up The Wolves Offense Is

Well you saw end of last gm against Warriors and again tonight KAT has been go to guy as he should be. Offense should be run through KAT..2 quality wins as well.

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Default Re: This Chart Sums Up How Messed Up The Wolves Offense Is

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Wiggins takes 15 shots a game. About like Tobias Harris or TJ Warren. Not like he’s just....gunning. Shots seem spread around pretty well. Being the whateverthe****numberwecreated4yearsago leader doesn’t and shouldn’t really determine who shoots what.

A lot of shot attempts aren’t even designed offense....

yes, part of the story, also:

Both Wiggins and Crawford have had to play the stand in the corner and wait horrific spot in Thibs offense.

People who watch games know this.

A heavy percentage of their shots are ones they must create, and often long jumpers or heavy dribble (something Wiggins sucks at).

So tardboy FireKhan finds a few advanced stats and treats it like every player is the same.

Wiggins is 3rd option (4th when Teague is overdribbling or when Taj is balling). He is not getting the same looks that KAT is, who is the best player on the team and the person everything is designed for.

Rightfully so KAT is the best player on the team bar none (Butler included).

There is a reason why people who understand basketball are suspect of advanced stats because they do not account for roles and situations.

Of course Wiggins and Crawford will be inefficient, they are often in a desperate situation and when their number is called it is a long iso, not a post up (though Wiggins is an above average post up player, but clogging the lane for KAT is something they don't like o he does this far less).

KAT is the team, Wiggins is a supporting character who needs to provide scoring. Crawford is instant offense, tough to be efficient, and efficiency is largely a bullshit stat.

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Default Re: This Chart Sums Up How Messed Up The Wolves Offense Is

WOW. Look what happens
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