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Old 10-22-2019, 12:08 AM   #31
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Default Re: S-o-f-capital T.

... The tape don't lie

And the funny part is that it will only get softer, which is hard to imagine

But they should bring some of the contact back into the game because the high three-point volume and wide-open, marching-band like spacing ensures an aesthetically-appealing game regardless of additional contact.. the spacing changed the game as much as the lesser contact did.. it's like, the threes and spacing is here to stay and that ensures casual fan enjoyment, so why not bring some contact back

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Life goes on.
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Default Re: S-o-f-capital T.

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855


Classic scene.

that's funny shit. Never saw (obviously.)

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Old 10-22-2019, 12:42 AM   #33
Free the banned users.
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Default Re: S-o-f-capital T.

Just wow on that Trae ejection.

Liberals may make OP vote for Trump.
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Titles are overrated
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Default Re: S-o-f-capital T.

Originally Posted by tontoz
IMO the old era was too rough. Guys got away with too many cheap shots. Plus fans like offense. The rules changes really freed up scoring for small, skilled guards.

Now it has gone too far the other way. A tech for looking at a guy WTF.

I would like to see a middle ground.

The only reason the softening bugs me is making it harder to tell who is exceptional all time and who has exceptional production due to a league purposely modified for that purpose. Its like judging guys in the early 60s. Richie Guerin and Willis Naulis were both scoring like 28 a game on the same team. They werent doing it in the 50s or as the 60s went on....but in that early 60s time when Wilt was doing 50 a game and Baylor 38 as a part timer(Army), and rookies doing 30/20(Bellamy) and all the madness stat have to wonder....

Who was that good and who was in the right place at the right time?

Give me a league that isnt trying to make it easy so I know who is what.

I dont know what Kenny Anderson would be if you couldnt touch him and gave him literally 50-70 screens a game and 3-4 shooters to help him get into the lane.

Nobody today is gonna play a team that limits possessions like the late 90s/early 2000s Spurs while also having a guy allowed to be as physical as Bruce Bowen was. Same for the Pistons and Prince, Pacers and Artest and so on...

In my evaluation of a guy like Kobe vs a guy like Harden how do I fairly not consider that?

You cant take credit from guys and act like it doesnt take immense skill to play the way they do now. They are better trained in the areas valued now. More bigs have handles and outside the expense of interior play yes...but still. Guards have better(even if previously illegal) handles because they are doing drills from age 6. Less of them need to turn their backs when pressed(though the lack of physicality makes pressing more difficult). They are obviously better shooters from distance and specialize in specific moves to free them up.

They are great players obviously.

It just sucks to see greatness so catered to. I want to see Harden play a team like the Knicks who would ave Starks and Harper all over him and Oak, mason, and Ewing there to put him on his ass if he drove. Not because I think hed suck....but because I wanna see how he adjusts. Hes a first ballot hall of famer. He could adjust. I want to see it.

The league is too uniform now. Most of the league plays the same way. Guys dont have to adjust as much from night to night and it robbed us of one of the best parts of the game....

Great players proving they cant be stopped no matter what you do.

Jordan vs the Jordan rules....or the somewhat illegal matchup zones of the Bucks....then the Knicks straight man with waves of defenders changing out to stay rested and just trying to kick his ass off ball and fight for positioning....

He had to adjust so much and nothing worked for long.

Guys today are just strolling up to about 30 feet and getting a lazy screen to force a switch onto who they want then treating the scrub like hes not there. Not all the time of course I just....hate the repetitiveness.

You watch a highlight of MJ, Bird, Kobe or even AI or waaaaaaay down to guys like Eddie Johnson scoring a lot they have to do so many different things.

The rules have made so many guys into 2 move specialists because two moves is all you need.

Id love to see the Hardens of the world play all over the floor and show the whole package. But whats the motivation? To prove a point to old people?

He can make a quarter billion a contract and win alot of games just as he is.

I just wish I could peek into another world where these guys had to face a little more resistance to see who steps up and who folds.

Im interested in watching the Clippers for just this reason. Beverly doesnt play. PG and Leonard are elite defenders. I wanna see a team win with sheer harassment like the Payton/McMillian/Mckey Sonics. In the playoffs when they might let them get physical? That might be a throwback. And im ready for it.

I just wish Tony Allen were 7-8 years younger so he could get in on the fun.
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Dr Hawk
Lord Olajuwon
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Default Re: S-o-f-capital T.

Current era:
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Default Re: S-o-f-capital T.

The owners and commissioner care about money. They want the game to be as marketable as possible and that means more offense. I seriously doubt that they care about comparing today's players to past players.

But it has just gotten ridiculous. An offensive player can just drop his shoulder into the defender, flail his arms and get to the foul line. They have to realize it gets tiresome to watch.
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Default Re: S-o-f-capital T.

Damn I love that Kukoc three gif. “In your face!” Is still the ultimate trash talk line after all these years. People just don’t use it anymore.
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Default Re: S-o-f-capital T.

As for the softness, I wish we could teleport ‘84-86 Bird straight to the league today with no updates as to how the game or society has evolved and tell him ‘just get in there and play.’ Unfortunately, he’d probably be ejected within 5 minutes.
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Default Re: S-o-f-capital T.

Originally Posted by Ainosterhaspie
Things were much better when players were brawling in the stands, playoff games failed to hit 70 points and players robbed themselves of prime years by doing hard things like paving driveways. Wish we could have more of all of that.
Thank you, I miss good defensive battles so much. Those games, between two actual rivals who hated each other, if you guys remember what those are, were the BEST.
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Default Re: S-o-f-capital T.

lol @ lebronze being considered by anybody to be great in this era

can you imagine begin to imagine how padded his stats REALLY are?
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