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Default Re: Coaching Situation

Originally Posted by Dr.Funk
I don't think we need a combo guard at all. With a PG like Jose and a developing Ukic backing him up, IMO it would be much better if he could play both wing spots(SG and SF).

But if he plays just one of them I am fine with that, as long as we get a guy who can score from either spot.

We don't have any depth at the guard spot though Funk. We have probably the worst SGs in the league in Parker, Kapono, Graham. Getting a player like Gordon and moving Parker to the bench would do wonders for this team.

OT: I would like to see a trade like this happen to get rid of Banks' contract a year early and also get a decent 6th man back.
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Default Re: Coaching Situation

Originally Posted by T-Low
Honestly. Everyone is looking down on this team. Triano did take over early in the year so he didn't really have the summer to adjust to the team and everything. And it is hard when you have a coach that wants to play a certain type of game and a manager who wants to play a different type. That is going to bring out the worst in the team. Colangelo needs to not draft a european again unless it is the best possible draft pick. If we need to, trade away one of our good assets. And there are many teams in the NBA that could use some 3-point shooting on their team. If we WERE to trade Bosh, we would need a star type player in return. Be strategic though. Don't send Bosh for some good assets to a team like Cleveland. That would be tragic. Colangelo, Triano, Bosh and the rest of the team must buck up before this team can go anywhere.

BTW, Marion is a good SF but we really need a scorer...

I don't think the best approach is to hire a coach and change the style of play to accomodate him. A good coach builds on what he's got, changes his style to adapt to the team.

A coach like Jerry Sloan who has been with the same team for 30 years has a GM that brings in the players to play his style because he is a constant.
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Default Re: Coaching Situation

Not sure Ben Gordon is a good fit in our starting lineup. He scores alot of points but my concern is the sheer number of shots he likes to jack up, and that includes an awful lot of 3's. If you have Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani in the front court, do you really wants someone that takes the ball out of their hands that much? I think you need someone who likes to drive the ball rather than someone who likes to shoot alot.

The thing that makes Marion such a good fit is that he really doesn't take the ball out of Chris's and Andrea's hands. Instead he compliments their games by rebounding for Andrea, getting out ahead of the big men on fast breaks, defending, but most important he seldom ever shoots the 3 or takes long shots he shouldn't. What he does well is move the ball in those instances. He's a very smart player. If not Marion it has to be someone that does some of the things that he brings to the table.

What we still need however, is someone with them at shooting guard that can drive the ball, and hopefully play some decent defence. Hopefully we can find this guy in the draft, if not we may have to trade for him, maybe even give up our draft choice as part of that trade if the perfect fit becomes available. In a pinch maybe Roko possibly could become that player, we know he can drive, he's 6'5 and not a total stiff on defence. I'd like to see him play the last few games in that position, it would certainly be interesting and may be all that we will be able to afford.

Ben would be great coming off the bench, but would be very expensive. Just my opinion, but i think if he were to score 20 in our starting lineup, he would just be subtracting from Bosh, Bargnani's and Calderon's game average, shot and point totals.
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