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Default Re: Rank the teams in the East as of right now

i think its impossible to rank orlando/boston/cleavland right now, those teams are just too stacked, one will probably see a serious injury at some point, the way players seem to sit out large chunks of a season these days.

washington on paper has to be looking at the 4th spot behind those 3 teams, the 7-8 man rotation they have is just crazy. infact they easily have one of the most loaded teams offensively, they are ofcourse unknown and teams like that certainly never win titles but they have to be considered as a team that can beat every team on any night with all that firepower.
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Default Re: Rank the teams in the East as of right now

Originally Posted by ejeezy
Is not anyone else skeptical of Washington this season?

They always look good on paper.

Ya, I am....same thing with Philly and Toronto. The Bulls hype is based on nothing more than how they did against Boston (with out KG no less)....and Rose turning into Kobe or LBJ next season (he won't)

Toronto, always building a never getting there....Washington, bad luck ever year for some reason?
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Default Re: Rank the teams in the East as of right now

Originally Posted by goldenryan
the wizards, heat , and raptors are not going to be better than the bulls.

Your kidding right???

I dont understand how the bulls are better without a legit inside scorer.

Raps- Bosh
Heat- JO/beasly
Wiz- Jaimason

Also factor in that the bulls lost their best scorer (Gordon) and I dont understand how they can even be conisdered better than any of the above teams.

Raps- Hedo/bosh/bargs
Heat- wade/beasly/JO (wade alone > rose/salmons)
Wiz- Arneas/bultler/Jamiason
Bulls- Rose/salmons/???deng???

The fact that deng is coming back does not make ben gordon's deperature softer (at least on offense) and thats without considering that deng was struggling before he went down.

If they were somehow to land boozer or Amare...thats a different story....
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Default Re: Rank the teams in the East as of right now

1) Cleveland
2) Boston
3) Orlando
4) Atlanta
5) Washington
6) Miami
7) Philly
8) Charlotte

Record-wise, of course.
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