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Default Re: OTC going down hill

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
I would be worked up if I actually gave a sh*t. I encourage members to neg me. I sign all my negs in order for them to neg me back. If you haven't notice, the people getting worked up are the rep wh*res. They don't even sign their negs. Why? Because that would mean that person would neg them back. They create alts in order to self rep risking an IP ban; they form internet rep gangs to pick on noobs and people they disagree with. And what is worse is they would point to their green bars and proclaim they are superior posters based on that, which is bullsh*t because the best posters I've seen ARE posters people will disagree with, posters who create controversary, and posters who joke around and don't take this sh*t seriously, so using that as a measurement of the quality of a poster is pure bullsh*t.

Bottomline, I think this kind of behavior is childish and sickening and I'm calling them out.

dat insecurity
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Default Re: OTC going down hill

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exercise profits littl
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Default Re: OTC going down hill

OP the fight against the unjust rep system are the highest rated topics on the whole 1st page. I think yur on to something
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Lamar Doom
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Default Re: OTC going down hill

There's a few issues at play here. One, most people (on earth) are idiots, a message board accentuates this truth as the patrons who choose to spend time here are a generally shitty slice of humanity (bored, boring, lonely, bitter, socially disconnected, disenfranchised, looking to take shit out on people, etc). Two, most people here are not themselves. They're either some sort of weird "gimmick", trying to be something they're not (or can't be in their real lives), or scared to represent their real voice for whatever reason. Three, the people who post the most are the worst posters.

I think you always hear "this board has gone downhill" because when you first start posting here (this was my first and only real message board experience, some of you may have been on or be on other boards and not share this sentiment) it's a fresh experience, you're sharing your perspective and getting back feedback you wouldn't get from conversations in your normal life. There's inevitably a pattern to the replies you get that over time are tiresome, agitating, and at times a depressing reality check on the state of humanity. It's also a hodgepodge of people from different places in life and that can be a recipe for poor communication. Love of basketball is the presumed common ground for all of us but that's far from enough to have their be a connection between most of us. So if it's not a valuable outlet for you, if you're just here out of habit or boredom, you should probably re-evaluate your free time. Otherwise just take your pants off and make the best of it.
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