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Default iTunes to start selling all of its songs without DRM

About time. That copy protection never seemed to do much to prevent illegal downloading, it just pissed people off.
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Default Re: iTunes to start selling all of its songs without DRM

iTunes is [horrid]-

[F*ck] whatever is intoduced now- It is [dead] to me-
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Default Re: iTunes to start selling all of its songs without DRM

Apple: Hey RIAA, how does my ass taste
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Default Re: iTunes to start selling all of its songs without DRM

And giving Wall Street institutions billions will solve the credit crisis.

Getting excited about multiple price points at the iTunes Store is like being thrilled there are three price points at the gas station. Or losing your cookies that Coke comes in multiple-sized cups at 7-11.

As for being DRM-free... Whoopee! As I've stated countless times, the only people who care about DRM don't pay for music, they just steal it. Otherwise, Amazon would have eclipsed Apple and the Seattle company would own the online music market, not the one based in Cupertino.

To focus on per track sales at this point, so deep into the music acquisition crisis, is like focusing on NASA to solve our nation's economic crisis. ****, NASA came up with Tang, maybe they can figure out how to make Bernie Madoff's creditors whole!

Detroit may be stupid, but at least they know that you don't let the customer pick and choose every last option. Car companies sell them in PACKAGES! You want the sunroof? Then you've got to get leather seats and 19" rims. They've got the sport package. You can't buy the stiff suspension without the bigger engine. There are marketing rules. Why does the music industry think it can break them? To think you can make up for album sales by selling individual tracks is like thinking you can pick up a whole beach with your fingers, one grain of sand at a time, rather than using a Caterpillar earth mover.

As for prices going up... Been to a retail outlet lately? Seen anybody with HIGHER prices? Only the record industry can be so stupid as to want their product to cost MORE! You've got to do it like the cable company, or the mobile company.... Get people to sign on at a tier, a bunch of stuff for not so much. And then, after you get them hooked, you slowly raise the price. Imagine if cell calls were still a buck a minute. Whoo, that'd kill the mobile companies overnight.

Why can't the industry face reality... That most people own a lot of music, most of which they haven't paid for. The key isn't to get them to pay more for what they do buy, but to get them to pay for what they've stolen. Otherwise, it's like trying to save Detroit by jacking up the prices for the cars the company DOES manage to sell!


just got this email and he pretty much shares the same stance as me on this.
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