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Default Re: Your favorite intellect

Originally Posted by RidonKs
what's the general fascination of John Nash about? i know the name but nothing of his accomplishments, wouldn't have expected so many mentions in a thread like this. it's not like he invented calculus or something...

nash equilibrium is probably the most central concept in game theory and he formalized the existence of them. and game theory is basically the study of strategic interaction which has largely become a very integral area of study in economics, computer science, and even biology. Nash's papers are definitely among the highest cited academic papers.

leibniz does deserve a lot more recognition for inventing calculus tho, especially for using convenient notations that didn't set the math world back a few decade

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Default Re: Your favorite intellect

it's sort of a point of shame for me how little i actually know about game theory. every so often i stumble upon a concept, wiki it, get the gist, move on... and afterwards realize that in at least some remote way i already understood the essentials of whatever i had looked up... just not in the language of the field or anywhere close to the depth. but i should probably verse myself in the basics a little more. the joint use of a methodology both to describe competitive/social/whatever interaction and f*cking 0s and 1s of computer science has always boggled my mind.

i know leibniz was a real renaissance man but i've only really heard offhand about his philosophy... the, uhh, 'monads'. really really really kooky. for a guy that smart, obviously there was a lot of merit to his system, but it's the building of the metaphysical system in the first place -- as if it's going to be that much better than any other supposedly comprehensive allencompassing system that came before it -- that makes me laugh. these guys were soooo into themselves. lol
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Default Re: Your favorite intellect

wut abt that kid ILLSmak???

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Default Re: Your favorite intellect

Newton. A contender for both greatest mathematician and scientist of all time.
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Default Re: Your favorite intellect

The father of modern economics, Adam Smith.

The father of evolution and natural selection, Charles Darwin.

The father of genetics and trait inheritance, Gregor Mendel.

The father of molecular biology, Linus Pauling.

The father of the scientific method, Francis Bacon.

The father of political science, Niccolò Machiavelli.

The fathers of modern chemistry, Willard Gibbs, Dmitri Mendeleev, Otto Hahn, and John Dalton.

The fathers of early and modern medicine, Imhotep and Hippocrates.

The father of astronomy, Nicolaus Copernicus.

The fathers of calculus, Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz.

The father of geometry, Euclid.

The father of number theory, Pythagoras.

The father of modern science itself, Galileo Galilei.
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