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Arrow End-Of-Season Thread

now that we know our playoff streak is done, let's reflect our thoughts on this dreadful 2006-2007 season. Here's what I give all the guys on that roster.

The Starters

Mike Bibby: C-/D+
This guy had sooo much hype coming into the 06-07' season, many people thought this would finally be the year he took the next step and became an all-star. Instead, he took the other route, and became one of the NBA's biggest disappointments for the season. His fg% 3p%, and just about every stat of his have gone amazingly low. I was expecting somewhere around 24-25 ppg 6-7 apg. His main problem this season has been consistency. But beside the numbers and what not, what I am most disappointed about is that the desire and passion to win has suddenly just vanished. Years past, we would see him come out every night with the fire in his eyes, but now Mike Bibby has become nothing more than a chucker.

Kevin Martin: A/A-
Breakout year for K-mart, Although he's on a long streak where his shooting percentages are down, this guy has been one of our very few bright spots of the season. At one point he was averaging over 20 ppg on over 50% shooting. He can make 1 fg the whole game and still have 20 pts lol. He is extremely productive even when he doesn't need to take a lot of shots. His only problem has been confidence, but as a young player, that's going to happen. Most improved player right here.

Ron Artest: B
Ron Artest last season was a superman, came in and carried us to the playoffs. So obviously, we expected big time numbers from him over a full season. His numbers are ok, but what I am most disappointed about Artest is his off-court issues and what he does that doesn't show up in the stat sheet. First off, we all thought he had changed his ways but lately he's been getting in some trouble that has resulted in him being a team distraction. Second, Ron just seems to slow down our offense when we're trying to be a running team. For instance, he'll hold the ball too long or take bad shots doing too much. He'll try to superman when all we really needed was Clark Kent. Sometimes I just think he sees himself in the category of stars like Kobe or T-Mac, and he's got to get over that. Still, he's showing that heart and hustle on the court that you can't stop appreciating, so you've got to give it to him for that. Still leading the league in steals per game, too.

Kenny Thomas: C

He's just been himself, which isn't very good lol. His jumpshot that he had 3 years ago has just completely left him, but you know that night in night out he's going to get you those rebounds and hustle for extra posessions that you just can't teach. Not much to say about K-9, just that he has to start hitting those 2-3 footers and layups.

Brad Miller: C
Another big bust for the season, Brad has just been very inconsistant. We've seen signs of the old B52 but I guess old age and a new system has hurt him. With rick, we ran an offense that had the ball in his hands a lot, a lot more opportunities for Brad. But now, we've gone away from that and he has had to find other ways to be productive. Still a passer, but his jumpshot is fading as he gets older. And for a 7 footer, 6 rebounds isn't gonna cut it.

The Bench:

Ronnie Price: B+
Over the year I have liked what I have seen from this kid, all he needs is a more consistant jumpshot and experience. Hustle, scrapping, and defense is his game. And how could we forget the dunk of the year over boozer lol?

Francisco Garcia: B
A lot of potential in this kid for the future, but he still has a lot to learn. At times, you see what this kid can do in a couple of years. He has been hitting the three pointer for us, doing the dirty work, and drawing charges. Unfortunately, we've also seen him try to do too much, be over aggressive, and forcing things at times. You can only fix that with experience, and that's why he'll be a pretty good player for us.

John Salmons: C+
For what we paid him, he should be doing better. His assist to turnover ratio will have to improve. Along with his reactions when the game is on the line, he just seems to get nervous and throws it away. Lastly, his range can imrove, too.

Shareef-Abdur Rahim: C+/C
I dont think he ever got to be the type of player Kings fans hoped he would when we first signed him, but he's had his moments. His jumpshot has been off and on, but he's been forced to play C a lot and heck, he comes up with a block or two nowadays. Ok rebounder but he can get better.

Corliss Williamson: A-
haha, he sure as hell has not been "Scoreless" this season. I'm pretty sure he was ok with Musselman only because he actually gets minutes! but man has he been the sparkplug, a producer where we didn't expect to get it from. Let's not forget this was a former 6th man on the championship pistons.

Vitaly Potenkopo: A-
This guy has been doing a marvelous job of keeping the bench warm for the starters. His only problem is smiling, love to see him crack a smirk every now and then.

Justin Williams: A-
In the time he's gotten even a minute, he's made an impact. At least on the defensive end, he is such a great athletic rebounder, and a shotblocker like we've never had lol. Needs to learn how to score, but he's got years to learn. Needs to buff up, too. Somebody feed him a biscuit. Bright future.

Eric Musselman: F-

am i forgetting anyone?

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Default Re: End-Of-Season Thread

That seems pretty accurate to me. Man I don't even know why we keep playing the starters 30+ minutes anymore.

Not to mention I was worried this would happen with Bibby after he hurt his hand. I thought he should take a week or two off but he didn't and it kinda stayed injured/painful and it mesed with his shot. Now that messed with his trade value and year overall and our year and we're really screwed IMO.

Artest... man we should traded him right before the trade value when his value was high. It was pretty inevitable that he would blow up and start messing up while it was obvious we need a good draft pick IMO. Now we won't get hardly anything for a good player on a friendly contract. But also he's hurt us by ball hogging it and messing with team chemistry obviously. Sometimes it seems like Ron has the bball IQ of a fly. He tried to post up Eric Dampier not once... but TWICE down the stretch tonight. I mean WTF is he playing while on cocaine? Dampier is like 4.5 inches taller and 25 pounds heavier than Ron. But he posted him up anyway and ignored his teammates.

Kevin is the front runner for MIP probably. But really I think Musselman has screwed up. Kevin usually doesn't get the ball but when he does he drives and either gets a good shot or draws the foul. He makes stuff happen and he's even started to find guys with nice passes but Musselhead doesn't put Kevin in position to make plays IMO. Musselhead needed to discipline guys by benching them(*cough*Ron*cough*) if they basically played keep-away from Kevin but instead he's scared. I mean yeah Kevin has has a great year overall but I think the way Musselhead has used him has been completely dissapointing and I think it could've been better.

I got more thoughts I'll post later.
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Default Re: End-Of-Season Thread

holy...I just noticed we have a worse record than the Knickerbockers
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