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Default So I found I own a rare NES game worth....

For Christmas, I'm buying a 3rd party NES/SNES game player, that will play a game from either system. So I go on amazon, looking for some good old school games to buy with it. I remember loving the game "Bubble Bobble" when I was a kid, and also loving the sequel.

So I go on and find that the original Bubble Bobble is only 10 bucks. Nice. I search for the sequel, "Bubble Bobble Part 2," but I find it's wayy out of my price range ... there was only 4 sellers, all selling used copies of the game (without the box or the manual) for 140 bucks!

So the next day I look into my little collection of NES games. I haven't looked at these things in years, so I don't remember what I have. I just want to make sure I don't go on Amazon and buy a game I already own. Then, as I'm sifting through the pile, I pick a random game up, look at it.. and what is it.... Bubble Bobble Part 2! ha

Now I'm deciding if I should sell it or not. I could probably get like $120 for it at least, more if I held out for someone who was willing to overspend. The money would be great, but it's kind of cool to have a rare game like that. My collectors mentality is kicking in. Especially since it's a pretty fun game to begin with.

So what would you guys do, sell or keep?
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Default Re: So I found I own a rare NES game worth....

I would keep it. 140 is not alot of money in the grand scheme of things. Plus maybe it will be worth alot more in a few years.

Basically my idea on this type of stuff is keep it as long as you don't need to sell it. Unless it is something that may lose value in time rather than gain.
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Default Re: So I found I own a rare NES game worth....

First of all, I think you can play that online so there's no reason to keep it to play it.

Second, if you're not a real collector, just sell it. Unless $140 is worth less than your time selling it.
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