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Default Re: God and Truth

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
Believing in god is a defense mechanism humans have because they fear death. We're all going to die one day and it's way easier to believe that our existense just goes on forever.

I actually think in a weird way we're all the exact same person. Maybe no one gets that. But when you really think about how more than on consciousness can exist it gets weird. How can there be something experiencing this world that isn't you? It's just bizarre.
No, this is a modern pathology, so you are projecting backwards the mentality of today, which is primarily, one of cowardice and fear (the human species could never have got anywhere if primordial man had the same mentality as a Freudian modern). Religiosity is innate to the human psyche, and all traditions and civilisations have emerged from the soil of collective worship, belief in the sacred, the transcendent, etc. All cultures have a spiritual foundation, even ours, though we are allowing materialism to erode it, with serious consequences. Even modern Americanism, which is a crass form of spiritual belief, was the vessel through which the world was made a believer in materialism and the worship of mere mass (e.g. democracy, the rule of King Numbers).

Perhaps it has less to do with fear of death and more to do with the fact that human consciousness is wired for purpose and meaning. There is a certain universality to the world of Tradition that is difficult to ignore, where similar theological and spiritual concepts emerged, organically, in different parts of the world that had no contact with one another.

Originally Posted by tpols
There are reasons for everything...most bad people had bad things done to them (growing up), and vice versa for good people. The fact you think everybody starts on an equal plane and will be punished or rewarded based on what happens in their life is pretty crazy. The problem is you dont see the inputs that led to bad outputs. The balance already existed.
You do realise you have made about a half-dozen assertions here which cannot be empirically justified and amount to postulations of faith? (not to mention the confusion and mixing of things that don't fit together, "reasons" and mechanistic determinism).

1. That there are reasons for everything--fundamentally a theological conception, because scientistic understandings have never been capable of positing a "why"--causality is not a reason, it is a description.

2. That you know what constitutes "bad things"

3. That you know what constitutes "good things"

4. That these aforementioned "good" and "bad" things are contagious.

5. That all things are contingent, and that man is no more than a concatenation of mechanistic responses with no power over his own destiny.
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