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Andrew Wiggins
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Default Re: Computer Programming / Coding

Originally Posted by sixerfan82
Learn the following things..
..joins(both inner and left, probably the two most used)
..learn about 'IN'
..learn table aliasing
..stay away from using * as its a performance hit

learning how to use ctes is very useful...makes organization of large datasets much more manageable and aggregations easier rather than messing with correlated subqueries
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Default Re: Computer Programming / Coding

2 years ago I dabbled with the OP (HTML, CSS, Python, SQL) in a very introductive state. I'm looking to reintroduce HTML, CSS and JavaScript this time around to do full stack in the end, but front-end developing.

Of course, as a side gig/hobby/interest in educating myself given my ability to learn and see where that takes me as my field is in the total opposite direction (social work).

Anyone else into JavaScript? Looking to partner up with you to learn side by side for any beginners with strong interest in learning and the ethic to accomplish certain goals.

One of my best friends was/is doing an internship with Outbrain and his possibility of being hired year-end is considered. After seeing what the pay can be, I got encouraged by him to learn JS. Of course, I'd like to apply it for my own reasons, being an option B or C in case I find this field I currently am in requires change although I do love and appreciate it.

I will dig into this thread back to date and read the comments a little more as they may not pertain to my objectives now. Any materials and resources are appreciated.
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Default Re: Computer Programming / Coding

Started learning Python through a Udemy course earlier this year with basically no programming experience (except very little Visual basic in Excel in college). Three months later- finished the course! It was really hard to find the time to finish it and keeping the pace I was going at. I was going through lessons during breaks at work and whenever I could squeeze it in at home. Best $12 I ever spent.

Started writing my first program after the course a month ago. I basically had an excel spreadsheet with a ton of websites of the job openings in the area. It's a spreadsheet leftover from my college days when I was looking for jobs. Now I don't need the spreadsheet anymore and coded a web crawler that goes to every single one of the websites and looks for job openings of keywords I specify. I have a good job right now, but you know what they say- "The best time to look for a better job is when you have already have one".

With my first project done, what used to take me more than an hour or two to go through now takes less than 5 mins. Huge time savings. I plan on running my script every month so I will know every single job opportunity in the area for my industry. I may never leave my job but it's great to know I now have this information at my fingertips with little effort.

Also, I was kind of afraid to install Python at work because no one knows how to code and they are really strict about what we install. Found out the Anaconda package of Python installs without need of any user permission privileges. Really recommend Python users to go through Anaconda. So I got that running now and just brainstorming different Python projects I can do to make my job more efficient.

Also possibly looking to get into:
-Machine Learning/AI
-GIS/Python scripting with GIS

Anyone have any stories of ways you have used coding to make your life easier? Not work stuff, just stuff you do outside work.

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