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Default Need help quick!!!!!! 2 trades

IN 4th place of 10

My- Felton, Garnett and Arenas for his Sheed, AL Jefferson, Marvin Williams, TJ ford and Kirk Hinrich


my- Kg, Maggette, Felton and Arenas for his Leandro, Andre Igoudala, Marvin Williams, Kirk Hinrich and Al Jefferson

My team:

Pg- Paul
Sg- Wade
g- calderon
sf- Maggette
Pf- West
f- Kg
c- Howard
C- horford
util- tim thomas
util- raymond felton

daniel gibson

should i wait to see how gilbert does when he comes back
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Default Re: Need help quick!!!!!! 2 trades

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Default Re: Need help quick!!!!!! 2 trades

I havent kept completely up to dat on Arenas' status, but it sounds like he wont be rushed back until hes 100% this time. That meaning to me that he would be back at the earliest March..maybe end of March depending on the playoff run of the Wiz.

I definitely wouldnt take the second deal. You are giving way too much in my opinion.

However, the first deal is somewhat interesting. You will get Al Jefferson who is just a monster and is VERY consistent, Sheed is although isnt very consistent, is Center eligible and does a little of everything. The one thing I would suggest doing is asking for another good player over the (Williams, Ford, Hinrich) combo. Those guys are all average players on average teams. Not only that, who would that force you to drop if you are adding all those guys?

My suggestion is to trade Arenas and Garnett for Sheed, Al Jefferson, and another good player. Leave out Felton from your side and his other add ins to his side. What does his team look like and what does your look like?

To me, this guy is taking a huge risk on Gilbert and Garnett. I dont like the idea of trading for a player at this point in the season who nearly has the Eastern Conference locked for the number 1 seed. To me, that only means near the end, he will be playing less mnutes and saving his gas for the playoffs. Instead, you could get a player that is fighting for a playoff spot and will be playing the full season. Just something else to think about.

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Default Re: Need help quick!!!!!! 2 trades

Since it looks like you're frustrated with the lack of responses to your thread, I'll give you my two cents. In the future, you should offer more info on your team/league, such as categories played, number of teams in the league, free agents avialable (if you're considering 2for1, 3for2 deals etc), cats you are winning/losing etc. Also, my guess would be that since you tend to offer people a half-sentence of advice in their threads, others arent going to go out of their way to give you in-depth analysis of yours, especially because you posted a very major transaction. Not trying to be a dick or sound like the thread police, but for this forum to work there has to be a give-and-take kind of thing from everyone.

You dont need the assists in the first deal, and what two players would you drop anyway? Thomas and Horford? So the first deal is really KG, Arenas, Thomas, Horford and Felton for Sheed, AlJeff, Marvin, Ford and Hinrich. You're dealing two first round picks (albeit injured ones, but ones who look to come back soon) and change for a second/third round pick and a fifth/sixth round pick and change. If you want to gamble on Garnett and Arenas sitting out for more significant amounts of time, then go for it, but I think you dont make this deal. Why would you need Ford anyway? And its not like Marvin is a major upgrade over Thomas anyway, except for maybe FTM. It looks to me like this owner is trying buy low on elite players now before they come back from injury. This is potentially a great strategy for him, so you have to weigh what you expect from your guys the rest of the way vs what you are getting in return.

In the second deal, you're dealing some major injury riddled players. I wouldnt make that deal either, but if you're a gambling man and you want to get rid of good players who might or might not be hurt the rest of the way, go for it.

I dont like either deal personally. Can you make a deal or two on a smaller scale to improve your team? What cats are you winning/losing? I'm not sure I would deal both Arenas and KG without knowing a little more on how they'll come back, especially because its not like you're getting unbelievable returns on them IMO.
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