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Default Re: Enough is enough....ISH's misrepresentation of the Cleveland Cavs has got to stop

Originally Posted by Valiant Valor
Any preseason list without the Cavs in the top-5 is an utter joke.

I mean, it's just outright baseless and egregious to omit the representing Eastern Conference champ outside the top5 teams in the league.

For whoever disagrees, I know what I watched on the TV last June, and that is >>> than any of your misinformed opinions about how the Cavs conducted they're offseason.

Also, speculative bullsh*t about how they "lost" players they haven't really "lost" is getting rather annoying as well. Varajeo and Palovic are restricted free agents, meaning if they ever want to play in the NBA again, they have to do it in a Cavalier uniform, get traded, or sit their asses out the whole season only to come back next year and be, whalla, restricted free agents again.

And regardless, I thought they were "garbage" players anyway? Any time I propose a trade involving these players, people b*tch about how they're no good. But in these pre-season rankings, the same people are using them as an excuse as to why the Cavs shouldn't be ranked over teams they beat in the playoffs?

I don't understand this.

Well, may be I do. I think people are covertly hating on the Cavs in order to back-handily get to LeBron. It's the only thing that makes sense. From downgrading his Finals appearance, to these pre-season rankings, it's pretty obvious the true intentions of ISH.

It's all good, though. This upcoming season, you can be sure I'm keeping all these "hate" posts in a file somewhere to use during the season. If you thought last year was bad, WAIT TILL YOU GET A LOAD OF ME THIS SEASON!!!

I hear what you are saying, but I think there were 28 other organizations watching that finals, and you have to admit that that was a phenomenal defensive effort by the Spurs. I think every team was taking notes on that series, and now the Cavs have the bullseye on their backs. Without a major shakeup on their roster, I think they'll do the same or worse than last year. LeBron will get better, there's no arguing that. But how much upside does Daniel Gibson have? How about Hughes, Ilgauskus and Gooden? Someone has to step up when LeBron can't get to the hoop or get an open shot off. I think it's realistic to say they won't win as many games or make the ECF. LeBron can only do so much.
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