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Default Lakers All Time Great...Characters

found this blog on do people think? Who is missing?

Okay, okay with all the cross team heckling between the Suns, Celts and Lake fans that I have been getting into I thought I would write a post for us Lakerfans that's a little more lighthearted. I am putting faith in the Lakeshow to do our talking for us tonite.

Over the weekend I was drinking (surprise surprise) and watching the Laker game with my old high school buddy, and in addition to watching the Lakers put together another victory we spent quite a bit of time talking, and later slurring about Ronny Turiaf. In addition I brought up that I have enjoyed watching this team play basketball, more than the Shaq and Kobe lakers. This team takes me back to the fun of the Showtime days and its time to reminisce about some of my favorite players.

This team has that certain je ne sais qua. A big part of that is the fun this team has translates directly to the fans, and my favorite character to watch this year is Ronny he is the utlimate team guy and he has fun, and you can tell it's contagious on this team.

I decided I would try and put together my top ten all time Laker characters. This list is meant to take nothing away from their importance on the court, but rather focus on that spirit of what being a great teamate, and/or entertainer that makes that certain Laker unforgettable. I am going to stay away from the Kareem's, Magic's and Shaq's who were characters in there own right and focus on players that get less mention are often referred to as role players even though there roles sometimes led to championships. Other times just some good laughs.

10.Anthony "Pig" Miller Man the name just says it all, he was on the post show time era lakers, and somehow as out of shape as he was was the last big man standing one year. He brings chuckles as us Laker fans remember the special relationship that he and Chick Hearn shared. Chick of course nicknamed him pig, but I think Shaq can outeat him these days.

9. Nick Van Exel Nick the Quick, we thought he was going to be something special definately a solid player, just never quite had a love affair with one time laker coach Del Harris. Loved watching him hit the three one year after each make he would raise the roof. When the rest of the league started doing that he would lower the floor.

8. Dennis Rodman Hesitant about adding him to the list as he was barely a Laker, but as he is considered the all time character and still lands choppers on the beach in Newport he deserves mention.

7. Mark Madsen Hard working roll player, earned his way on the list by the dancing hilites after winning the championship. Definatley does not move like Rony.

6. AC Green Great powerforward, deserves extra notoriety for being only player to be on the showtime lakers and resurface for the first of the threepeat with the Phil, Shaq n Kobe lakers. Also mentioned in the old school punk rock hit, "Magic Johnson" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

5. Michael Cooper Great player for defense and threes... but the socks, need I say more.

4. Orlando Woolridge That wasn't a zero on his jersey, it was an "O" and he was the big O. He earned an extra special place in my heart for coming to speak to us at Pat Riley Camp and performing a behind the back, through his legs dunk. In my opinion the greatest laker dunker of all time.

3. Mark McNamarra Career backup earns his spot here for being the Chewbacca stand in for Return of the Jedi, now serves as a member of the ski patrol somewhere in the Sieras. Scary sight coming at you on the slopes...

2. Ronny Turiaf I have a feeling a number one on this all important list is in his future, but I prefer to see him get seven blocks tommorrow vs Amare and company. A very skilled player in his own right, great teamate, great dancemoves, great attitude and on top of it battled back from heart surgery that threatened his career what's not to love.

1. Kurt Rambis The goggles were sweet, nicknamed Clark Kent for the glasses by Chick. The ultimate hardworking teamate both on the glass and on the defensive end. Still beloved by all Laker fans and probably still hated by all the Celtic fans for his tough D on Kevin McHale. Made an appearence on Sweet Valley high TV show, reading about that broke the tie for number one with Ronny. Don't worry Ronny still plenty of time.
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Default Re: Lakers All Time Great...Characters

I cant remember this guys name, but he was around 6'10, skinny as a rail, bald and could jump through the roof. He went to the slam dunk contest one year. Was always the 11th or 12th guy off the bench. He played for the Clips too for a couple of years, dangit whats his name!!!

He tried to block EVERY shot near hiim, he was a bit of a character. He seemed to think that every shot was going to win the game lol, so he had to block it.

Chicy baby loved Pig Miller. "listen to the crowd, here comes Pig Miller in the game!" He loved all those hard working 11th and 12th guys off the bench. The Pig Miller was definately a crowd fav.

...........found him! Antonio Harvey!

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